We’re half-way through the submission period for our first writing contest.

writing contest logo with trademarkWe’re approaching 70% fullness on our 100 story limit for the contest.  We’re also at the mid-way point for the 31 days the contest will be open for submissions (July 31st or 100 submissions, whichever comes first).

A good 50+ stories have been forwarded to our in-house evaluation team and can report that we have already identified a handful of stories that will be moving on to the final round of judging by Cat Rambo, Dave Creek and Jack Clemons, our SFWA judgig team.

We’re getting in a couple of submissions a day and at this rate we should have received just about 100 submissions by close of the contest on July 31st.


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From Locks to Freedom

The problem with the internet is that anyone can write something down, publish it, and present it as fact when it’s not. I have ten titles on Amazon, and another one coming out later this week. Every single one, the default is no DRM, although there is a check-box I can click if I decided I wanted it on my work. Which I don’t. Unlike Big Music and Big Publishing, I don’t think all people are thieves. I also know better than to think that DRM is anything but a challenge to hacker twits who break stuff just for jollies.

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