The Ed Greenwood Group & Twin Fire Productions Join Forces

The Ed Greenwood Group and Twin Fire Join Forces

June 30th, 2015

For Immediate Release

The Ed Greenwood Group

Twin Fire Productions

Creative Coterie: TEGG and Twin Fire Join Forces

TORONTO and DETROIT—The Ed Greenwood Group (TEGG) and Twin Fire Productions (TFP) today reached a creative coterie, a partnership, with The Archmage himself, Mr. Ed Greenwood.

In 2014, TFP unveiled an ingenious board game called Folklore: The Affliction, a release that was received with great critical acclaim as well as broad public support. As TFP finishes polishing and tweaking the game in time for a spring 2016 release, creative director Will Donovan will be working with Ed Greenwood on initializing two new aspects to the game: first, a series of roleplaying game (RPG) adventures; second, a series of novels from TEGG authors tied to the setting Folklore: Tales of the Affliction. Both aspects will use characters from the existing board game and also feature new characters in new adventures from the TEGG Sessorium of Creatives. Greenwood and Donovan will work together to guide the continuing folklore adventures in both the fiction and RPG lines.

“I grew up reading books and playing adventures written by Greenwood… That he loved what we created was awesome…that we now get to create together is incredible! The creative opportunity to extend our realm’s reach by adding novels and RPG adventures by working with Steven Schend and Ed Greenwood is fantastic,” said Will Donovan, creative director at TFP. “We’ve already got some great ideas flowing—the fans are going to be well pleased.”

The Ed Greenwood Group, a new transmedia publishing company from the creator of the Forgotten Realms®, launches this fall with its first novel, a brand-new Ed Greenwood title. Your World Is Doomed is the first novel in an urban fantasy setting called Hellmaw; 6 story arcs, 86 novels, 14 anthologies, 5 games, and 9 Artifacts are planned between Mr. Greenwood’s first novel in 2015 and the end of the sixth story arc, projected for October 2022. Next year (2016) will see the launch of a more traditional sword-and-sorcery setting code-named Pony Island Adventures. More settings in more genres will follow over the next ten years—For Wolf & Empire (steampunk), Lost Princesses of Mars (space opera), and In So Deep (sex fantasy), to name only a few. Quickblade, designed by TEGG head of game development Steven Schend and Ed Greenwood, is The Ed Greenwood Group’s RPG house rules and will serve as a master rules set for all adventures from all settings.

“I love what the gang at Twin Fire have done thus far,” said Ed Greenwood, president and publisher at TEGG. “It’s really beautiful stuff all around, and I am very much looking forward to working and creating both stories and adventures with them. This is going to be fun!”

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