Announcing the Gernsback Science Fiction Short Story Contest Readers!

The Gernsback Contest will consist of two stages of evaluation of submissions.

Yesterday, we introduced you to our stellar cast of Judges, who will be making the final selections from among twenty nominees.

Those twenty nominees will be selected by our in-house reading team – all of whom are contributors to Amazing Stories, fine, upstanding fannish citizens.  Many are authors, editors and artists themselves.  Collectively, they command CENTURIES of experience with the written word.

Our readers will be assigned submissions on a random, rotational basis.  The names of the authors of those submissions will be redacted prior to sending them along for a read (to guard against unconscious bias).

Now it’s time to meet them, in alphabetical order:


(Note:  We allow our contributors to submit a photo OR an avatar, which option has been exercised by several of our Readers.  Also please note, Steve is on the Right in his picture.)

You can learn more detail about each of our Readers by clicking on their image.  Counted among them are: a board member of the Clarion Workshop, long-time fanzine publishers, science geeks, a vice president of an astronomical artists organization, small press publishers, game publishers, authors of science fiction and fantasy, reviewers, bloggers and fans.

We are still in the process of adding more Readers from among our contributors and will announce them as they are added.

The Gernsback Contest opens for submissions on July 1st.  Stay tuned for further details.

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