AMAZING PEOPLE: Davidson Becomes SFWA Affiliate Member

For some strange reason, SFWA has seen fit to grant me membership.

Yesterday, I received formal notification from the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America that my application for Affiliate Membership status had been approved.

Woohoo!  Now I can walk thru the doors at SFWA con parties without an escort!

I can hobnob online with all of the great and soon-to-be-greats of the industry.

I can avail myself of all of the wonderful benefits, services and contacts that this membership affords.

As of yesterday, I can officially refer to myself as an Affiliate Filthy Pro!

That and a dollar might get me a coke.  If its on sale.  And flat.

But seriously.  Going through the SFWA door as an Affiliate (publishers, editors, agents, academics, etc) was not the original plan (that plan was: write an SF novel that received a legendary 7 figure advance, won the Hugo and the Nebula (said awards being cancelled immediately thereafter as there being no point) and having people like Ike and Bob and Silverbob and the husband of Fuzzy Pink BEGGING me to join, with the board unanimously voting to extend to me a no-cost life time membership and would you please run for President, sir?) but I’m as happy as….

I’m as happy as a Venusian Bloodworm that’s just happened upon the latest failed mission from Earth…as happy as one of Brown’s Martians that’s found a human masochist…as happy as the Hindmost when s/he sent Nessus to the Ringworld…as happy as a science fiction fan discovering that he’s the first one at the library sale – and they’re getting rid of first editions….

Pretty happy.  Yep.

I must now dive in to the happenings at, diligently read The Bulletin and otherwise steep myself in SFWAness.  And while I fully intend to respect the rules, regs and sensibilities of that august organization, I can say that I’m pretty sure Amazing Stories will be giving you all some interesting news and reports!

See, that’s whats so great about SFWA membership:  across the board, everyone benefits!

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