AMAZING THINGS: Night Shade Offers Best SF & F of the Year by Strahan

datlowFor the first time ever, award-winning editor Jonathan Strahan has assembled the best science fiction and the best fantasy stories of the year in one volume. More than just two books for the price of one, this book brings together over 200,000 words of the best genre fiction anywhere. Strahan’s critical eye and keen editorial instincts have served him well for earlier best of the year round-ups in the Best Short Novels, Science Fiction: Best of and Fantasy: Best of series, and this is his most impressive effort yet… read more

All for $1.99!  Looking at those names, that’s some deal!

Night Shade has many other offerings and you can find them here

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  1. I think it should be mentioned that for those who might just skim the offer, that this Best Of collection is from 2007 (for stories from 2006) and not a brand new Best Of for stories from 2014. The stories are a good 8 years old. Nice collection but not a new one.

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