I’ll be at Arisia this weekend, starting today, Friday, January 16.

I’m appearing on two panels:

Friday 5:30 – You Know That’s Based on a Book, Right? — Literature, Panel — 1hr 15min — Adams (3W) Consumption and acceptance of SF is at an all time high. So how do we translate that interest into greater readership of SF? How can we draw the fans of other media into the classics, into diverse works, or into short fiction? We’ll talk about our successes, failures, and strategies to draw potential fans in.M. L. Brennan, Jeffrey A. Carver (m), Steve Davidson, Dennis McCunney, Jennifer Allis Provost


Saturday 1:00 – Atheist Fen — Fan Interest, Panel — 1hr 15min — Adams (3W) They say science fiction has gone mainstream, but atheism is still one of the last taboos in many parts of America. Still, atheist voices have been getting more attention in the press. Does fandom tend toward a higher percentage of atheists than the general public? And is fandom more accepting of atheists, or are some fans still “in the closet”?Steve Davidson, Ed Fuqua, Shana Fuqua (m), Peter Maranci, Jeff Warner

I will also be regularly hanging out at the Boston Sci Fi/Fantasy Meetup Group table which will be located where all fan tables are located.

In between times I will be checking out other panels, hawking Amazing Stories and hopefully catching up with old friends.


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