comic page 3comic page 9 comic page 12 comic page 17If you have been watching our COMIC WATCH feature, you’ll know that our limited edition comic book – A DOCTOR FOR THE ENTERPRISE, written by David Gerrold and illustrated by Troy Boyle – is now in David Gerrold’s hands for signing and will soon be sent off to Troy Boyle for his signing – after which our remaining copies will be up for sale to the general public.

An email has been sent to all fans who have previously reserved a copy (in order to insure that they receive the lowest number possible).

If you reserved a copy of the comic – PLEASE CHECK YOUR EMAIL.

If you have not received a notice of your reservation and instructions for paying for your copy, please contact us immediately ">here.

If you have received the email, please follow the instructions accordingly, as this will insure that your low number copy is included in our orders.

If you have questions, use the email contact provided here.

If you have not previously reserved a low-number copy of this limited edition, there is still time to do so.  Send your reservation request to – .

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