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For just a few months more than a year now, a large group of individuals has been working daily to help bring Amazing Stories back as a regular fiction publication.

We would not be here at this moment if it were not for their enthusiasm, contributions, advice and assistance.  So please take a moment to take notice of their labors, their unstinting commitment to our shared project and their contributions:

Site Designer: Kermit Woodall

Reviews Editor Ricky L. Brown

Spanish Language Editor: Tanya Tynjala

Art Director: Duncan Long

Photographer: David Decker

Blog Editors: Michelle Bradbury & Rachel Isaacs

Artists: Bob Bello, Daniel Brandt, David A. Hardy, Jeremy McHugh, Derek Benson, Frank Wu

Advertising Sales: Judith K. Dial

Blog Team:

Ricardo Acevedo Esplugas, Alma Alexander, B. Morris Allen, Karen G. Anderson, Tom Auxier, FJ Bergmann, Mike Brotherton, Michael A. Burstein, R. Graeme Cameron, M. C. Carper, Cenobyte, Luis Cermeno, Zachary Clemente, Jack Clemons, Cait Coker, Piere V. Comtois, Johne Cook, Paul Cook, Sam Costello, Gary Dalkin, John Dodds, Jack Dowden, Douglas Draa, Robin Dunn, Steve Fahnestalk, Jane Frank, Adria K. Fraser, Fran Friel, Adam Gaffen, Chris Garcia, Dianne Lynne Gardner, Chris Gerwel, Susan Gray, Kristina Grifantini, Nathan Hall, Tommy Hancock, Liz Henderson, Samantha Henry, Joshua S. Hill, Jack Hillman, SciFi4Me (Jason Hunt), Mark Isles, M. D. Jackson, Terence Jackson, Monique Jacob, Geoffrey James, Patty Jansen, Matt Johnson, Madeline Johnston, J. Jay Jones, Juliet Kahn, Alex Kane, Earl Terry Kemp, David Kilman, Daniel M. Kimmel, Robert J. Koenn, Peggy Kolm, Hunter Liguore, . Bob Lock, Steven M. Long, Buddie Lortie, Melissa Lowery, Fabien Lyraud, Barry Malzberg, Ricardo Manzanaro Arana, C. E. Martin, Travis Mataya, Farrel J. McGovern, Gene Mierzejewski, Steve Miller, Petrea Mitchell, Matt Mitrovich, Aidan Moher, Nina Munteanu, Kevin Murray, Ro Nagey, Ira Nayman, Ken Neth, D. Nicklin-Dunbar, Astrid Nielsch, Christopher Nuttall, Kyle Owenby, Patrick L Price, James Palmer, David Perez Marulanda, Duane Pesice, Laura Ponce, Ivan Prado Sejas, John Purcell, James Rogers, Norman L. Rubenstein, Daniel Salvo, Cedar Sanderson, Morgana Santili, Alastair Savage, Felicity Savage, Diane Severson, Carol Shetler, John Siebelink, Steven H Silver, Robert Silverberg, J. Simpson, Darren Slade, Douglas Smith, Lesley Smith, Bill Spangler, Duane Spurlock, JM Stine, Ann Stolinksy, Michael J. Sullivan, Susana Sussmann, G. W. Thomas, R. K. Troughton, Erin Underwood, Stephan Van Velzen, G. Wakeling, Cynthia Ward, Michael Webb, James Weber, Keith West, Andrew P. Weston, John M. Whalen, Ted White, Gwen Whiting, K. Ceres Wright, Joseph Wrzos, Karlo Yeager, Galaviz Yeverino, Leah A. Zeldes, Andrew Zimmerman Jones
You can learn more about each individual and find their blog entries by visiting the Staff page of our website and the associated Suspended Animation page for those who have contributed but are not participating currently.

Please take a moment to support Amazing Stories with a one-time or recurring donation via Patreon. We rely on donations to keep the site going, and we need your financial support to continue quality coverage of the science fiction, fantasy, and horror genres as well as supply free stories weekly for your reading pleasure.

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