Amazing Stories benefits from a tremendous amount of support from within the genre community; fans, authors, artists, editors, publishers, professionals, indies and just plain people with an interest in science fiction, fantasy and horror in all of its many glorious forms – literature, film, television, comics, art, anime, academics, music, poetry, games and fandom itself. Without the willing support of such people, this new incarnation of the world’s first science fiction magazine would never have come to fruition. As the publisher, I thank them all. As the beneficiary of their willingness to help and make this project their own, I urge everyone coming here to visit their author pages. Get to know them and their works. Visit their websites, purchase their projects and comment on their posts. Show them all some love and some appreciation for their efforts, for without them, there would be no Amazing Stories. Thank you very much for stopping by. Interested in blogging for Amazing Stories? Click here.  Interested in working with Amazing Stories?  Click here. (Click on a contributor’s image to learn more about them, to visit their web pages or to find out more about their publications and other projects.)

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