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Welcome to Project Rho, the brainchild and (apparently) life-long passions of fan artist Winchell D. Chung Jr. – otherwise known as Nyrath the Nearly Wise.

‘Winch”‘s original claim to fame occurred way back in the 70s when he was but a mere spratling in high school and was commissioned to illustrate a new board game, a board game that would go on to establish one of the most influential gaming companies of all time – not to mention the legions of players and fans (including myself).

ogreWinch was asked to illustrate Metagaming’s newest pocket game offering – OGRE – a Steve Jackson designed tactical game that pitted futuristic cybernetic tanks against a host of smaller armored vehicles, such as the famous GEV (ground effects vehicle) and the Super Heavy Tank.

Ogre was eventually taken back from Metagaming and used by Steve to establish his own tabletop empire that has delivered and delivered and delivered with expansion packs for OGRE (not to mention a way-over funded Kickstarter for the deluxe version), GURPS, Munchkins, Car Wars and much more.

But I digress.  Winchell went in his own direction – continuing to illustrate but doing so in a way that has incorporated science and mathematics in a very compelling and informative manner.

Project Rho is a labyrinthian info-mine field of information on atomic rockets, space suits, star maps, space technology and more.



DO NOT visit Project Rho until you have amassed at least three kilo-hours of time-suckage to spend.  The illustrations and history alone will easily gobble up an afternoon.

atomic rocketsIf you write about space and want to get your calculations right – look no further.  If you want to construct a map of your personal galaxy – look no further.  If you’re hankering for a ride on the space nostalgia machine – dive right in.

You go Winch!  Project Rho

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