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Black SF Society
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We’ve had a bit of a discussion around here regarding diversity.  That discussion has also taken place in many other elsewheres:
N.K. JemisinRadish Reviews; World in a Satin Bag. (Prior listings have links to even more on the subject) Amazing Stories Editorial Response
Jim C. Hines seems to be going into overdrive – Convention Harassment Policy Starter Kit; Recruiter of PoC (applause)

Gal Gadot, the new Wonder Woman
Gal Gadot, the new Wonder Woman


New Wonder Woman Announced
TangentOnline OTR
The Marvel Juggernaut May Roll Over Hollywood
Terminator 2 in 60 Seconds
More Harlan (More Harlan Schtick To be Precise)
Disney’s Mars and Beyond
Secret Nuclear Launch Code Not So Secret (Code Sounds Like Congress – Nyet, Nyet, Nyet, Nyet, Nyet, Nyet!)

Grandmaster Delany


GRANDMASTER DELANY!  (‘Bout time.  Want to know why?  Go read Dhalgren – at least five times…)
If Space is the Place, Why Are We HERE?
Escaping Genre’s Pulp Roots (Why and who wants to?  Good debate in the comments!)
DC Bids For Worldcon
Heinlein Bust Now Official
Ellison Chapbook from Subterranean
Jim Barker Wins Rotsler Award
NASFiC Cost Increase


New SF History by Andrew Liptak Announced
Amazon Announces Story Front for Short Fiction
logoSFWA Raises Qualifying Rates (To A Living Wage…?)
Damien G. Walter:  All Of Our Genres Are Broken (Good ol fantasy, science fiction and horror labels have a choke hold on the literature)
#GenreLitChat – Get Your Literary Chatting On
Clarion Opens for Applications


Ceres Probe
Saturnian Hexagon
launchesChina Goes To the MoonIndia Goes To Mars…the US Goes…
Rocket Clusters (The More the Merrier!)
Bill Nye to Prez:  Stop the NASA Budget Cuts
Gravity Sucks!  Well, not exactly…
Signs of H20 Found Associated With 5 Exo Planets
Red Spot Revealed (Not A Hickey)
Male & Female Brains Wired Differently


Haffner Press Cat Chair logo

In This Issue: December 2, 2013
     New Edmond Hamilton & Capt. Future Titles
  •   Update on Fredric Brown Titles
     Complete John Thunstone – Slipcased edition
  •   Current Promotions
  •   Titles Going (or Gone!) Out of Print
  •   Recent Reviews
Seasons Greetings, everybody!
It’s been a while since our last newsletter and we’re going to bring
you up-to-date on what’s happening at the Secret Moon Base.


Both The Reign of the Robots (Collected Hamilton Vol. Four) and Collected Captain Future, Vol. Three have been at the printer for some time. Both books are printed, sewn, and have endpapers applied but are not yet glued to their boards. If all goes well, they should be shipping in late December.


As with all our books, we’re pulling out the stops on our Fredric Brown titles and will be including all of the interior illustrations from the original pulp magazines. As of this writing we now have 100% of these images for Murder Draws A Crowd(Vol. One) and 95% of Death in the Dark (Vol. Two).

Additionally, Fredric Brown biographer (and author of the introduction to Murder Draws a Crowd) Jack Seabrook recently discovered the publication dates of Brown’s “V.O.N. Munchdriller” stories—along with the accompanying artwork! A significant addition to Fredric Brown Scholarship.

Both volumes are currently in the proofreading stage and we expect to haveMurder Draws a Crowd available for the Windy City Pulp and Paper Conventionin April 2014.


Most of the components (Autograph plates, Bonus Chapbook ROMANCE IN BLACK, Slipcases, etc.) are on hand to complete this long-awaited edition. We await the printing of the variant dustjackets and then the whole affair will be assembled, numbered, and shipped.  At this stage, we’re curious if we should cut-and-mount the Manly Wade Wellman autograph (from cancelled checks), or would customers want the whole check laid into their copy loose?  At only 100 copies (and 80% sold out), maybe we’ll let each customer decide?  Let us know what


Home To All Things Black Science Fiction
Jarvis Sheffi…

Check out the discussion ‘Clarion 2014 Applications are now open!’
Discussion posted by Lisa Bolekaja:

Clarion 2014 is now accepting applications for summer 2014. If you apply, please also apply for the Octavia E. Butler Scholarship.   If you…

Discussion link:

Clarion 2014 Applications are now open!


The December 2013 Issue is Now on Sale!

Welcome to issue forty-three of Lightspeed!

This month, we have original science fiction by Hao Jingfang (“Invisible Planets,” translated by Ken Liu) and Gregory Benford (“Leaving Night”), along with SF reprints by Maureen F. McHugh (“Dead Fads”) and David Barr Kirtley (“Power Armor: A Love Story”).

Plus, we have original fantasy by James Patrick Kelly (“Miss Nobody Never Was”) and Siobhan Carroll (“The Correspondence Between the Governess and the Attic”), and fantasy reprints by William Browning Spencer (“The Foster Child”) and Kit Reed (“Yard Sale”).

All that, and of course we also have our usual assortment of author and artist spotlights, along with feature interviews with Jay Lake and Margaret Atwood.

For our ebook readers, we also have the novella “The Ballad of Bowsprit Bear’s Stead” by Damien Broderick and novel excerpts of Twinmaker by Sean Williams and Alien Honor by Vaughn Heppner.

Can’t wait to get your hands on a copy? You can purchase the issue from the following ebookstores:Lightspeed (direct), Amazon Kindle, Barnes & Noble Nook, Kobo, and Weightless Books. Visit ourEbooks page for links and more information.

JJA Anthology Newsletter

Don’t want to risk missing out on news about John Joseph Adams’s projects? Sign up for JJA’s free newsletter (sent out no more than once or twice a month) to receive updates about his various projects. Subscribe to the JJA Newsletter.

The Apocalypse Triptych

Speaking of the JJA Newsletter, if you had been a subscriber to that, you would already know about this big new project JJA is working on now: THE APOCALYPSE TRIPTYCH.

Edited by JJA, in collaboration with bestselling author Hugh Howey, THE APOCALYPSE TRIPTYCH is a series of three anthologies of apocalyptic fiction, exploring three different facets of the form:

  • THE END IS NIGH: pre-apocalyptic stories—exploring the world on the brink of collapse. (Forthcoming June 2014)

  • THE END IS NOW: apocalyptic stories—exploring the end of the world as it happens. (Forthcoming December 2014)

  • THE END HAS COME: post-apocalyptic stories—exploring life after the end of the world. (Forthcoming June 2015)

THE APOCALYPSE TRIPTYCH will include stories by authors such as Paolo Bacigalupi, Seanan McGuire, Ben H. Winters, Elizabeth Bear, Scott Sigler, Robin Wasserman, and many more. Additionally, each volume will include a brand new story by Hugh Howey set in the world of his bestselling novel Wool.

World Fantasy Awards

The World Fantasy Awards were presented at the World Fantasy Convention, held this year in Brighton, England, Oct. 31 – Nov. 3. As we mentioned previously, Kat Howard’s story, “Breaking the Frame” (Lightspeed, August 2012), was a finalist for the award this year, as was your humble editor (now for the fifth time), this time in the Best Anthology category, for Epic: Legends of Fantasy. Alas and alack, both Kat and I lost in our respective categories. But, as always, it was a thrill to be nominated, and congrats to all of the winners!

Lightspeed Subscriptions & Bundles of Back Issues!

Just a reminder that our Lightspeed Direct ebookstore is open for business. If you’d like to purchase an ebook issue, or if you’d like to subscribe directly from us, please All purchases from the Lightspeed store are provided in both epub and mobi format.

And don’t worry—all of our other purchasing options are still available, of course; this is just one more way you can buy the magazine or subscribe. You can, for instance, still subscribe or from our friends at Weightless Books. Visit to learn more about all of our subscription options.

In the Lightspeed ebookstore, we’re also currently featuring a selection of Ebook Bundles. We currently have the following Lightspeed ebook bundles available:

Buying a Bundle gets you a copy of every issue published during the named period. So, for instance, the Year One Bundle gets you a copy of every issue we published during our first year (June 2010 – May 2011), etc. And then there’s the SUPERMASSIVE BUNDLE, which nets you a copy of every issue published during our first three years. (And buying the Supermassive Bundle saves you $5 off the cover price of buying the other three Bundles individually!)

Fantasy Magazine Back Issue Bundles

In addition to the Lightspeed bundles mentioned above, you can now also buy ebook back issues—and ebook back issue bundles—of Lightspeed’s (now dormant) sister magazine, Fantasy. (You might remember that we merged Fantasy into Lightspeed back in January 2012.)

To check out the back issues, just visit You can buy each Fantasybundle for $24.99, or you can buy the complete run of Fantasy Magazine—all 57 issues—for just $114.99 (that’s $10 off buying all the Bundles individually, and more than $55 off the cover price!). Of course, if you don’t want to buy a Bundle, you can also just purchase an individual ebook issue!

Geek’s Guide to the Galaxy Ebooks!

If you dig the Geek’s Guide to the Galaxy interviews we’ve been presenting to you in Lightspeed, good news: Now you can buy complete episode transcripts in ebook format. So now in addition to reading the great interviews we line up for Geek’s Guide, you can also read transcripts of our panel discussions, which cover topics such as video games, swordfighting, The Wizard of Oz, Robert H. Howard, weird fiction . . . and all manner of subjects. If you’d like to learn more, just go to find out where you can get the ebook transcripts.

Have You Tried Our Sister-Magazine, Nightmare, Yet?

Have you checked out our new sister-magazine Nightmare yet? Because of the ubiquity of gory horror movies, when a lot of people think of the horror genre in literature, they imagine it deals with that same kind of gory slasher-type stories we typically see in film, full of blood and guts and generally a lot of awfulness. But literary horror is rarely like that, and the fiction in Nightmare basically never is. The fiction in Nightmare tends toward “quiet horror”: that is, the stories are literary and dark—at times visceral, and at times unsettling. In other words, not overly dissimilar from the stories you’d find in Lightspeed—just more toward the darker end of the literary spectrum.

Thus far, Nightmare has published original stories by acclaimed and bestselling horror scribes Ramsey Campbell, Sarah Langan, Jonathan Maberry, Laird Barron, Daniel H. Wilson, along with new material from talented newer writers such as Genevieve Valentine and Desirina Boskovich, among others. All that plus classic reprints by the likes of Joe Haldeman, Poppy Z. Brite, Sarah Pinborough, Tananarive Due, Lucius Shepard, and Lisa Tuttle.

Pop on over to to check out the magazine, purchase issues or subscribe, or just for more information and updates (or to subscribe to the free Nightmarenewsletter).

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Reviews of individual issues are also welcome, of course, though our primary interest is in spreading the word about subscriptions, so if you want to help out, please let other readers know what you think!

Sponsor Spotlight: 47North

Lightspeed‘s sponsor this month is 47North:

This month, look for Alien Honor by Vaughn Heppner (of which you can also read an excerpt in our ebook edition this month). You can find more from 47North at

For more information about Lightspeed‘s sponsorship program, visit our advertising page.

Keeping Current

Remember, in addition to this newsletter, there are several ways you can sign up to be notified of new Lightspeed content:

Looking Forward: Issue 44

Coming up in January, in Lightspeed . . .

We have original science fiction by Jeremiah Tolbert (“In the Dying Light, We Saw a Shape”) and Anaea Lay (“Salamander Patterns”), along with SF reprints by Terry Bisson (“Bears Discover Fire”) and Zhao Haihong (“Exuviation”).

Plus, we have original fantasy by Matthew Hughes (“His Elbow Unkissed”—a Kaslo Chronicles tale) and Adam-Troy Castro (“The Thing About Shapes to Come”), and fantasy reprints by Rosamund Hodge (“Apotheosis”) and Ursula K. Le Guin (“Elementals”).

All that, and of course we also have our usual assortment of author and artist spotlights, along with feature interviews with Hyperbole and a Half’s Allie Brosh and bestselling epic fantasy author Scott Lynch.

For our ebook readers, we also have the novella reprint “The Chambered Fruit” by M. Rickert and a pair of novel excerpts.

It’s another great issue, so be sure to check it out. And while you’re at it, tell a friend aboutLightspeed!

Thanks for Reading!

We couldn’t publish the magazine without the loyal support of readers like you. So we here atLightspeed salute you, and would like to thank you for your continued patronage.

Well, that’s about it for this installment of the newsletter. Thanks again for reading. Meanwhile, for more, visit See you next month!

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