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Ever wonder about the shifting nature of reality? Philip K. Dick did. Pay a visit to the Philip K. Dick Fans website and find out what makes him the most successful posthumous author of science fiction.

Philip_Dick2The Philip K. Dick Fansite.

For those who decry older science fiction as out-dated; for those who claim that older science fiction is poorly written; for those who claim that SF is not-predictive – I present the case of one Philip K. Dick, perhaps the most optioned for film & television, and one of, if not the most academically perused, debated, virtued and extolled and certainly one of the most sadly ignored until it was too late authors working in our field.

PKD as he is affectionately referred to, is perhaps science fiction’s greatest posthumous success story. From The Man In the High Castle to Ubik, Dick’s themes of shifting reality, personal identity and what it means-to-be…something…have infused and confused Hollywood for decades.

The Philip K Dick Fansite is a font of wisdom and resource regarding Dick and should be the starting point for anyone interested in this literary phenomena.

PhilipDickAnd while you’re visiting that site, you might want to take a moment to reflect on whether or not you are who you think you are…maybe that website isn’t really there. Maybe you’re actually sitting in a tank somewhere, being fed a constant stream of digital faux…or maybe I’m sitting in that tank and I just made YOU up….

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