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Ok, I know some people are disappointed with Agents of S.H.E.I.L.D., I can see compared to the films it is a bit of a let down. But if you pull it away from the films it has a great base, it’s just missing one big thing. Comic book heroes and villains. If you compare this to any other mystery TV series out there it’s not bad. But the fact that MARVEL is in the title implies that we are going to see some Marvel characters.

I believe they are coming. The studio is trying to get as many films out there as possible. If they introduce a character into the TV show, it might make it hard to develop to the big screen. BUT it does provide a place to test out those characters with fans. Bring in a big actor, try a character, see what people think and then take them to the big screen. The show is running alongside the films, hence the title of this post. This week ABC revealed that a forthcoming episode will cross over with Thor: The Dark World. The episode (due to air on my birthday, 19 November – thanks ABC!) will cover the aftermath of the events that happened in the film.

Like with Avengers, a lot happened that the people in London (or the case of Avengers, New York) and the rest of the world clearly would have spotted. So, with S.H.E.I.L.D. being the people on the ground that need to pick up the pieces, clearly the show had to cover this.

So for me, the show is getting better. But all I ask of Joss Whedon and his team is to remember that the point of this team was to focus on what other super-powered people might be out there, following the unveiling of the Avengers group to the public. So please remember that and reveal some more of Marvel’s characters. I really want this show to stay on TV and not be another Firefly.

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  1. Good points guys. I really hope that they figure it out. I hear the ratings are slipping and whilst I’m not fussed on the will they/won’t they storyline I REALLY want to know what happened with Coulson after New York.

  2. I know Joss Whedon’s shows never really hit the ground running and generally take a while to get into their stride, but this one is definitely looking a bit too much like like a slow burner. I know they’re trying to introduce an awkward “will they hook up, won’t they hook up” subplot between Sky and Ward, and there’s the whole “what really happened with Coulson” thing that keeps getting dropped in with sledgehammer subtlety, but unless they up a gear, chances are the show won’t get a chance to develop these too far.

  3. I’m really hoping this show can figure it’s kinks out. Thus far, I’ve felt there needs to be some polishing of both the dialogue and characters (though the latest episode was a step in the right direction for the latter, and at least didn’t feature anything as cringe-inducing of the former as episode five). I will admit it is somewhat fun, just not something I want to spend time on if it doesn’t improve.

    1. Ultimately, I think the question is going to be whether the writing, episode to episode, sharpens enough to reach a certain level of quality, before the show actually peters out.

  4. I think the show will get better, it just needs to hit it’s stride. Am I a little disappointed? Sure, but still hopeful. I really want to see the MCU grow.

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