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Today we offer up an issue of dwain G. Kaiser’s No Time, No Energy and Not Much To Say.

Which is a bit of a misnomer if the contents of NT,NE+NMTS are anything to judge by.

I joined fandom in ’61 after receiving a copy of CURSED (edited by Arnie Katz and Len Bailes) in the mail. Cecil Goldsmith, then editor of Amazing Stories had suggested I would enjoy the zine. I knew I could do better (I was wrong) but from that a lifelong affair with fandom began.

From Long Beach my family moved to Vegas. I was 16 when I founded the Las Vegas SF Society, was the first OE of the International APA, joined APA L in L.A. (In ’64 and that weekly apa is still coming out). I was a founding member of APA45 and TAPS also. Published a genzine, ASTRON, in Vegas…traveled to L.A. to attend LASFS (when I could afford the bus fare), attended Pacificon II (’64) my first Worldcon and con. The first of hundreds of conventions I’ve attended or worked on.

In ’66, for my senior year in High School my family moved to Upland. I managed to attend hundreds of LASFS meetings in a row from Upland. With other active Valley fans I started the ValSFA, published a new genzine, Nimrod, joined more APAs and attended more cons. Ran the Gaming for many Bill Crawford cons…opened up my first Used Bookstore…etc etc.

Lived the fannish life.

Now Fifty years later in fandom I’m mainly active on the fannish lists like Valhalla, Trufan, etc. Still attend LASFS (rarely but still love the meetings) and go to conventions when I can. Joann, my wife, and I have a small but very nice Used Bookstore, the Magic Door IV, in the downtown Pomona art colony district (we opened it up over eight years ago. Boy does time fly by.)

dwain (who uses that spelling as his fannish nom de guerre) also asks that we note that this issue is ten years old and during the intervening decades his contact information has changed: dwain Kaiser, 155 W. 2nd Ave., Pomona 91766 and his current email address is:

I’m not very familiar with Dwaine, though I can say that he hails from the left coast and seems to be pretty involved with LASFAN type of activities;  portions of his ‘zines are reproduced from LASFAPA (APA’s are compilations of contributions from multiple sources that are then redistributed to the members in a bundle; APA stands for Amateur Press Association) and there are mentions of Loscons, so I feel pretty confident in stating that Dwaine must have something to do with fandom out thataway.

As I said, I’m not all that familiar with Mr. Kaiser’s work – but then, that is surely one of the reasons that we seek out and read fanzines by people we’re not familiar with, isn’t it?  It’s true, this is really just my not-so-clever way of filling in an introduction to something and someone I lack virtually all information about.  But the fact that I’m stretching here doesn’t diminish at all the quality of the much-varied contents, nor the fact that I’ve gotten to know a lot more about Dwaine in the process, nor the fact that this and other issues of NT,NE+NMTS has some fine artwork, not to mention references to a period in fannish history that I’m pretty familiar with.  It’s fun to see others perspectives on things you participated in – and then to share them through the pages of a ‘zine.

As always, numerous fanzines can be found, read and admired (not to mention LoCed) on and the Canadian Science Fiction Fanzine Archive.


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