Hugo Award Rocket T-ShirtJohn Coxon’s Hugo-inspired t-shirt design is available in a limited edition from Teespring until through June 30. The famous Hugo Award rocket, filled with the name of each Best Novel winner since the first awards were given. An elegant window … Continue reading →Rich Lynch Turns The PageRich Lynch has posted the 14th issue of My Back Pages [PDF file] with another collection of his articles at This issue offers “essays involving Norwegian humor, road trips, dinner expeditions, building restoration, coastal waters, mossy trees, spectacular vistas, … Continue reading →

Gernsback Science Fiction Short Story Writing Contest

Amazing Stories will begin taking submissions to the Gernsback Science Fiction Short Story Writing Contest on July 1. Stories must be written on the theme of “What will our solar system look like 250 years from now – exploration, colonization, … Continue reading →

puppyWelpendämmerung 6/13

aka Operas in The Collar Cycle by Wagger, also including Das Whinegold, Die Walkies, and Sig-Flea’d Saturday’s roundup brings you Matthew Foster, Gray Rinehart, Gary McGath, Allum Bokhari, Vox Day, Barry Deutsch, Adam-Troy Castro, A (W) Hendry, Tom Knighton, Eric … Continue reading →

2015 Sturgeon Award Winner

Cory Doctorow’s “The Man Who Sold the Moon” is the winner of the 2015 Sturgeon Memorial Award for the best short science fiction of 2014. The award was presented at the Campbell Conference in Lawrence, KS on June 12 and … Continue reading →

2015 Campbell Award Winner

Claire North’s The First Fifteen Lives of Harry August is the winner of the John W. Campbell Memorial Award for the best science fiction novel of 2014. Hugely happy and excited to receive the Campbell Award! Wish that I had … Continue reading →

Steven Moffatt, Benedict Cumberbatch on Queen’s Birthday Honours List

Doctor Who showrunner and Sherlock writer Steven Moffatt, and versatile actor Benedict Cumberbatch, star of Sherlock, are both on the Queen’s Birthday Honours List, published June 13. Benedict Cumberbatch will receive the CBE — Commander of the Most Excellent Order … Continue reading →

Fundraising For The Belle Boyd House

Editor’s Note: Francis Hamit, who self-published two Civil War espionage novels, The Shenandoah Spy and The Queen of Washington, contributes insight pieces about the staretgies and emerging technologies he uses to market his books. By Francis Hamit: This story caught our … Continue reading →

The Man In The High Castle Multimedia Report

Amazon Studios has commenced filming The Man in The High Castle at the University of British Columbia and various locations in the state of Washington. You might be wondering why a rather large podium surrounded by Nazi and Japanese flags … Continue reading →

puppyThe Hydrophobia That Falls On You From Nowhere 6/12

aka The Puppies of Wrath Today’s roundup stars David Gerrold, Tom Knighton, Rand Simberg, Phil Sandifer, Abi Sutherland, Doctor Science, Edward Trimnell, Jenn Armistead, Lela E. Buis, Peter Grant, Sarah A. Hoyt, Natalie Luhrs. Robert Sharp, Lis Carey and Lou J. Berger. … Continue reading →

Jurassic World Parody Trailer

There are many reasons to watch this parody trailer, Spielberg:Jurassic – A Director Prepares…to Kill by the American Repertory Theatre Institute Alumni Association. One of them speaks for himself beginning at the 1:41 mark…Continue reading →

New Members of SF Hall of Fame

James E. Gunn, Georges Méliès, John Schoenherr, and Kurt Vonnegut are the 2015 inductees to the Science Fiction Hall of Fame reports Locus Online. This year’s Curator’s Selection is Jack Gaughan. The induction ceremony will be June 27 in Seattle...Continue reading →

Chris Gilmore (1947-2015)

Chris Gilmore, who reviewed books for Interzone through 2001, died suddenly after a short illness on May 6. In addition to his reviews and work as a copyeditor, he wrote four published short stories. One ran in Interzone and the … Continue reading →

Wolfgang Jeschke (1936-2015)

Wolfgang Jeschke, one of Germany’s most acclaimed science fiction writers and a former Worldcon guest of honor, passed away June 10 at the age of 78. Jeschke was one of the first members of SFCD (Science Fiction Club Deutschland), founded … Continue reading →

puppyThe Castalia of Fu Manchihuahua 6/11

aka At The Mountains Of Muttness Galloping through today’s roundup are Adam Troy-Castero, Steven Saus, Jim C. Hines, Moshe Feder, Vox Day, Larry Correia, Greg Machlin, J. C. Carlton, Tom Knighton, K. Tempest Bradford, Brenna Clarke Gray, Saumya Arya Haas, … Continue reading →

Not To Be Missed

Yes, there is a world outside the Sad Puppies controversy — and here are a pair of good posts to remind you. (1) In “Business Musings: Hidden Treasures”, Kristine Kathryn Rusch takes as her starting point the declining awareness of Andre Norton’s work, … Continue reading →

Bill Warren: An Appreciation of Christopher Lee

By Bill Warren: Christopher Lee died last Sunday; no cause has yet been given, but he was 93 years old and in poor health. Almost anything might have carried him away. He worked hard at avoiding being labeled a horror … Continue reading →

SFWA Introduces New Nebula and Norton Award Medallions

To mark the organization’s 50th anniversary, SFWA has partnered with Joe Monti, Editorial Director of Saga Press, and designer Michael McCartney to release all-new Nebula Award and Norton Award Nominee and Recipient Medals. These medals will be for use by publishers … Continue reading →

Christopher Lee (1922-2015)

Christopher Lee, the last of the giants in the Silver Age of classic horror, passed away on June 7 after being admitted to a hospital for respiratory problems and heart failure. An actor who eventually appeared in well over 200 … Continue reading →

Dozois SF&F Book Collection For Sale

Gardner Dozois is downsizing and selling his book collection on Craigslist. The listing reads: Science Fiction & Fantasy books for sale. Personal Science Fiction & Fantasy collection of Philadelphia’s own 15 time Hugo award winner, Editor, and Science Fiction Writer … Continue reading →

puppyThe Twilight Bone 6/10

aka Hound of the Basket Cases In today’s roundup: Suw Charman-Anderson, John C. Wright, Tom Knighton, Vox Day, Lela E. Buis, R. K. Modena, Jason Cordova, Samuel Edwards, Solarbird, Peter Grant, Dr. Mauser, T.C. McCarthy, Chris Meadows, John ONeill, Annalee … Continue reading →

The Martian: A ‘First Look’ Clip… Continue reading →

puppyAnd Now For Something Completely Distempered 6/9

aka A Can-On-Tail For Puppy Wits Today’s roundup contains these multitudes: Kameron Hurley, Chuck Wendig, Vox Day, J. Lassen, Carolyn Cox, Tobias Buckell, Jim C. Hines, Lou Antonelli, Tom Knighton, Jay Hathaway, Gavia Baker-Whitelaw, Paul Cornell, N.K. Jemisin, Kate Elliott, … Continue reading →

Michael Wernig Passes Away

Albuquerque fan Michael Wernig passed away June 3 at the age of 61. Wernig was a former member of the Albuquerque Science Fiction Society and a regular at Bubonicon. He worked at Sandia National Labs. He is survived by his … Continue reading →

AnLab and Asimov’s Awards Presented

The annual AnLab and Asimov’s Awards for works in Analog and Asimov’s were given at a ceremony during Nebula Award Weekend. AnLab Awards Best Novella: “Music to Me,” Richard A. Lovett Best Novelette: “Life Flight,” Brad R. Torgersen Best Short Story (tie): “Another … Continue reading →

Peri the Potter Appeal Reaches Goal

A GoFundMe established to help Peri the Potter topped $14,000 this week. Peri Charlifu, a recent Windycon 41 Artist Guest of Honor, was hospitalized in March with a dissolving and gangrenous appendix. Peri is a Colorado pottery and graphic artist … Continue reading →

Matthew Foster Interview Online

Jim Meadows, reporter for WILL radio in Illinois, has posted a nine-minute audio excerpt of his interview with Matthew Foster on the station’s website. The late Eugie Foster, a 2015 Nebula nominee, and her writing are the featured topics of … Continue reading →

Gaiman and Palmer Edit Special Issue of New Statesman

Neil Gaiman and Amanda Palmer jointly edited the May 29 issue of the New Statesman, with the theme of “Saying the Unsayable,” focusing on free speech. Amanda Palmer’s “Playing the Hitler Card” calls for the end of online flame wars, … Continue reading →

puppyThe Walkies Dead 6/8

aka Dr. Sad Puppy: or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Slate John C. Wright, Vox Day, Eric Flint, Celia Hayes, Tom Knighton, John Scalzi, Tom Doherty, Irene Gallo, D. Jason Fleming, David Gerrold, Cedar Sanderson, Dave … Continue reading →

Tom Doherty Statement

Tor Books publisher Tom Doherty issued a statement on about Irene Gallo’s Facebook comments, distinguishing them as not representing the company or himself: The Science Fiction community is populated with engaged authors and fans many of whom have strong … Continue reading →

HISHE: The Avengers: Age of Ultron

In case you wondered what was wrong with Marvel’s version, here’s How The Avengers: Age Of Ultron Should Have Ended – Part One … [Via SF Signal.]… Continue reading →

Vox Day Responds About Gallo Screencap

The June 6 roundup included a quote from Tor Creative Director Irene Gallo’s Facebook page, tweeted by Vox Day: The Creative Director at Tor Books libels #SadPuppies, Rabid Puppies, and #Gamergate on Facebook. — Vox Day (@voxday) June 6, … Continue reading →

The Martian – Official Trailer

The Martian is coming to theaters in November 2015. During a manned mission to Mars, Astronaut Mark Watney (Matt Damon) is presumed dead after a fierce storm and left behind by his crew. But Watney has survived and finds himself … Continue reading →

Record Price For The Hobbit

A first edition copy of J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Hobbit sold for £137,000 (nearly $210,000) in a Sotheby’s auction on June 4, more that twice the previous record. The copy once belonged to his former student Katherine Kilbride. Tolkien inscribed very … Continue reading →

FAAn Award Voting Statistics

The 2015 Fan Activity Achievement Award winners were announced in March. The voting analysis by Mike Meara is available. Click on the attachment. FAAn Awards 2015 Analysis [Thanks to Taral Wayne for the story.]… Continue reading →

puppyHoundation 6/7

aka “Let’s get Sirius!” In today’s roundup: Andrew Liptak, Jim C. Hines, Damien G. Walter, Tom Knighton, David Gerrold, Irene Gallo, Brad R. Torgersen, Sarah A. Hoyt, Vox Day, Michael Z. Williamson, Markov Kern, bhalsop, sciphi, Jonathan LaForce, Cedar Sanderson, Amanda … Continue reading →

Jurassic World, Legion of Boom Edition

Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman features in this send-up of the Jurassic World trailer. Typecasting, of course — that was the same look he had on his face in the final seconds of the 2015 Super Bowl… Continue reading →

Nebula Awards in Photos

This collective shot of winners and accepters of SFWA awards was taken by Ernest Lilley after the Nebula Awards ceremony on June 6. I could use a hand (several hands!) identifying all the people in the photo. [Thanks to everyone … Continue reading →

Catching Up With DUFF

There will be no Down Under Fan Fund race this year. DUFF was created by John Foyster and Fred Patten to connect Australian and North American fandoms. The first winner, Lesleigh Luttrell, was picked in 1972. A full history of the fund can be … Continue reading →

Clerihew of the Week

By John Hertz: Jean Ritchie Had a Phi Beta Kappa key. She sounded so real Because think can go with feel. G.K. Chesterton dedicated The Man Who Was Thursday to Edmund Clerihew Bentley, eponym of this verse form. Jean Ritchie (1922-2015) … Continue reading →

puppyThe Cold Nose Equations 6/6

aka Summa Rabid Puppies: A Casuistry of the Hugo Controversy In today’s roundup are Pat Cadigan, Max Florschutz, Craig R., Kevin J. Maroney, Patrick Nielsen Hayden, Vox Day, Peter Grant, Camestros Felapton, Russell Blackford, Nicholas Whyte, Lis Carey, and Spacefaring … Continue reading →

Please Help Save Marcia’s House

Fans are rallying around Marcia Minsky, past president of LASFS and co-chair of this year’s Loscon, who is in danger of losing her house. Following years of setbacks and unexpected expenses, she has gone into arrears on her Homeowners Association … Continue reading →

2014 Nebula Award Winners

The Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America announced the winners of the 2014 Nebula Awards at a ceremony in Chicago on June 6. Novel Annihilation, Jeff VanderMeer (FSG Originals; Fourth Estate; Harper Collins Canada) Novella Yesterday’s Kin, Nancy Kress … Continue reading →

efanzines header

Art Lortie discovered Charles Hornig’s The Fantasy Fan at Gutenberg: “The Fans’ Own Magazine”. Issues 1 through 7, 1933/34.
Added Chuck Connor’s new fanzine: Enter At Your Own Risk #1
Added Rodney Leighton’s Rodney’s Fanac #3, #4, #5
Added Alexiad #80 edited by Lisa & Joseph Major
Added Fadeaway #45 edited by Robert Jennings
Added Garth Spencer’s The Art of Garthness #2

canadian fanzines

Added OBIR Magazine

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