In the normal course of events on this day of Thanksgiving 2013 (and incidentally the first day of Hanukah 5774) I’d have found some suitably quirky image incorporating elements of the holiday and sfnal things – aliens in place of native Americans perhaps (though it should rightly be aliens replacing the European invaders to get the metaphor correct), some outlandish roasted creature on the center board instead of a turkey – I’d have wished you all a Happy Holiday with family and friends, urged you to remember those less fortunate and been done with it.

But then, perhaps more so this year than ever before, I became acutely conscious of the fact that Thanksgiving is a uniquely US and Canadian American Holiday, that Amazing Stories strives to transcend the myopic and that wishing good things upon an anonymous crowd may not be received in the manner intended, depending upon individual circumstance.

So instead I have chosen to use a blank canvas as the featured image accompanying this short wish for good things for you all, no matter where you are, whether you celebrate this holiday, some other in lieu or if today is just another day.

You can paint any picture you want on that blank canvas.  I hope it is a pleasant one.

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  1. Well… in Peru and the Philippines I have seen some restaurants that offer Thanksgiving dinner, something that I find really snob.
    But of course you and the others North Americans have all the right to celebrate it. So happy Thanksgiving to you 🙂

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