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Editor’s Update: This article originally appeared several weeks ago. It was pulled because the plugin that displays PDF documents in situ was not working properly. This has now been fixed and we are pleased to be able to bring you the Re-launch Pre-launch, Volume 0, Numbers 1 & 2 (the first issues of Amazing Stories since 2005!) from July and August 20`12, in their entirety.

This being the approximate one year anniversary of the launch of this project (though not the anniversary of the website) I thought it appropriate to resurrect the two Re-launch Pre-launch issues of Amazing Stories that I published in July and August of 2012 – with the cooperation and assistance of many fine people – authors, artists, editors and fans.

These issues were produced to test various capabilities, demonstrate the same, put a face on the new Amazing Stories and to provide a focus for what was then the future website (what you are looking at now).

They’re numbered Volume 0, Numbers 1 & 2 to put them in line with traditional magazine numbering schemes and to indicate that they are not part of the normal run. I hope you enjoy them.  (When Amazing Stories resumes regular publication as a fiction magazine, it will begin its numbering with Volume 75, Number 1, whole number 610, continuing the magazine’s tradition of maintaining sequential volume numbering throughout its many incarnations.)

JULY 2012 Volume 0, Number 1

AUGUST 2012 Volume 0, Number 2

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