I’m in Love With a Zombie


I finally got round to seeing Warm Bodies this weekend and I was pleasantly surprised. Nicholas Hoult is a good actor…at times, sometimes I think his acting skills aren’t the best (the kissing scene in Warm Bodies is a prime example) but other times he surprises me with brilliant acting (Skins is an example of this). Despite is awkward kissing, he does play a brilliant and loveable zombie. Yes loveable. I said it. He might grunt mostly, but  with his witty voice over narration you can’t help but route for this flesh eating beast.

The film is an interesting take on a romantic comedy. It’s got the gore for the lads and only a mild amount of scare-factor, but it mainly shows a lovely relationship between a zombie and a human and a fight to save the world from the zombie apocalypse.

If you are looking for some home viewing and can’t decide between a comedy or horror than this is the perfect option for you.

Image source: salon.com

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