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Angry Robot Signs James A. Moore
Strange Chemistry Signs Cassandra Rose Clarke
Elizabeth Bear and Andy Duncan accept appointment to the jury for the Theodore Sturgeon Memorial Award
Black Science Fiction Society Announes Project Stargazer


Angry Robot Signs James A. Moore’s Epic Fantasy Seven Forges in Two Book Deal

Angry Robot, the publisher of cutting-edge SF, F and WTF?! fiction, is delighted to announce the acquisition of the worldwide rights to two epic fantasy novels by James A. Moore, the first of which, Seven Forges, will be published in October.

The deal for Worldwide English rights in books, ebooks and audiobooks was concluded by Angry Robot Managing Director Marc Gascoigne and Donald Morhaim in New York.

About James A. Moore

The author, James A. Moore

James A. Moore cut his teeth in the industry writing for Marvel Comics and authoring over twenty role-playing supplements for White Wolf Games. He also penned the White Wolf novels Vampire: House of Secrets and Werewolf: Hellstorm. Moore’s first short story collection, Slices, sold out before ever seeing print.

He is currently working on three new novels: Congregations of the Dead, the as-yet unnamed sequel to Seven Forges, and Boom Town, and he recently completed his latest Jonathan Crowley novel, Cherry Hill.  He lives in the suburbs of Atlanta, Georgia.

You can find James online at as well as on Twitter @JamesAMoore and Facebook.

About Seven Forges

The Seven Forges are a range of impassable mountains, far to the north of the settled lands of Fellein. From time to time explorers venture up beyond the Blasted Lands in search of a way over them and the promise of legendary riches, but without success.

Now Captain Merros Dulver has found a path, and encountered, at last, the half-forgotten people who dwell there. And it would appear they were expecting him.

Quotable Quotes

Angry Robot’s Managing Director Marc Gascoigne said: “Sometimes you read just the first few pages of a manuscript and know that you have to have it for your list. So it was with Seven Forges. Over the last fifteen years or so, James has made quite a name for himself with a whole catalogue of acclaimed horror and dark fantasy titles, and earned himself a couple of Stoker Award nominations along the way. Now he’s set his sights on something more widescreen, and we’re delighted to bring it to you.”

James A. Moore said: “I’m absolutely delighted to be working with Angry Robot Books and the amazing team they’ve assembled. They’ve been enthusiastic, caring and attentive, and now that the contracts have been signed I’m happy to report to the entire team that their loved ones will be returned home safely in the very near future, most of them no worse for the wear.”

More Info

Angry Robot is a genre publisher that brings readers the best in new SF, F and WTF?! All titles are released as paperbacks and major eBook formats. Distribution is through Random House (North America) and GBS (UK). Angry Robot Ltd is part of Osprey Group.

For more information, review copies, interview and feature requests, contact Marc Gascoigne at or by phone on +44 (0) 115 933 8456 [UK Office Hours].

Angry Robot Online

ePub Ebooks:
Twitter: [@angryrobotbooks]


Strange Chemistry signs Cassandra Rose Clarke for two more!

We are absolutely over the moon to announce that Strange Chemistry has signed up Cassandra Rose Clarke for another two novels, set in the same world as The Assassin’s Curse/The Pirate’s Wish duology. The deal was done between Amanda Rutter and Stacia Decker of the Donald Maass Literary Agency.

The two novels will be called The Wizard’s Promise and The Nobleman’s Revenge, with the first one landing mid-2014.

Cassandra Rose Clarke is a speculative fiction writer living amongst the beige stucco and overgrown pecan trees of Houston, Texas. She graduated in 2006 from The University of St. Thomas with a bachelor’s degree in English, and in 2008 she completed her master’s degree in creative writing at The University of Texas at Austin. Both of these degrees have served her surprisingly well.

During the summer of 2010, she attended the Clarion West Writers Workshop in Seattle. She was also a recipient of the 2010 Susan C. Petrey Clarion Scholarship Fund.

She has now released three novels with Strange Chemistry and Angry Robot, the latter novel being The Mad Scientist’s Daughter.

Of the deal, Cassie had this to say: “I’m beyond thrilled to be working with Amanda and Strange Chemistry once again, and it’s a such a delight to be back in the world of The Assassin’s Curse. I couldn’t be more excited about these new books!”

Amanda said: “Cassie is such a joy to work with, and her stories are always an absolute treat to read. When we were offered the opportunity to work with Cassie again, I leapt at the chance and can’t wait to see where she takes us next.”

More information can be found at

Angry Robot is a genre publisher that brings readers the best in new SF, F and WTF?! Strange Chemistry is Angry Robot’s YA imprint. All titles are released as paperbacks and in all major eBook formats. Distribution is through Random House (North America) and GBS (UK). Angry Robot is part of the Osprey Group.
For more information, interview and feature requests, contact

Angry Robot & Strange Chemistry Online [@angryrobotbooks] [@strangechem]


Elizabeth Bear and Andy Duncan have accepted appointment to the jury for the Theodore Sturgeon Memorial Award for best short science fiction of the year. They replace Frederik Pohl, who retired from the jury after having served for many years.

The Sturgeon Award was established in 1987 by James Gunn, Director of the Center for the Study of Science Fiction at the University of Kansas, and the heirs of Theodore Sturgeon, including his widow Jayne Sturgeon and Sturgeon’s children, as an appropriate memorial to one of the great short-story writers in a field distinguished by its short fiction.

The current jury consists of Elizabeth Bear, Andy Duncan, James Gunn, Kij Johnson, George Zebrowski, and Nöel Sturgeon, Trustee of the Theodore Sturgeon Literary Estate.

The Sturgeon Award is presented during the Campbell Conference Awards Banquet at the University of Kansas in Lawrence, Kansas, as the focal point of a weekend of discussions about the writing, illustration, publishing, teaching, and criticism of science fiction.

Full press release here:

Also attached in .pdf format.


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