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Via Huffingtonpost – The Most Detailed Map of the Internet to Date

internet map

Hacker’s “broke in” to about half a million devices worldwide to create the most detailed map of internet usage to date.  Want to know what Skynet or Webmind look like?  Now you know.  And you?  You’re not even registering on one of those pixels above.

Check out the animated GIF that shows usage waxing and waning across the globe over a 24 hour period.  Green represents “average” usage while warmer colors indicate increased usage and cooler colors decreased usage.

A Doctor for the Enterprise.  Troy Boyle has informed us that he has completed the pencils for David Gerrold’s comic comedy masterpiece; samples are forthcoming and will be teased here in the near future.

There’s more science fiction in your science these days:  SF Signal highlights TWO advances that come straight from the pages of the pulps.  The Wall Street Journal reports on lab-grown organs (Where’s Gil ‘The Arm’ Hamilton when you need him?) while Salon reports on making bugs out of bugs (Hellstrom’s Hive indeed!)

Even spaceships have to deal with weather.  SpaceX reports that its Dragon resupply module will delay its return from the International Space Station by a day due to weather concerns in the recovery area.  (Don’t worry, they’re working on powered landings and soon space travel will become as routine and uneventful as air travel….)



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