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Citizens of the Solar System: Who Owns The Planets?

Is the Solar System freely available for colonization? Are the asteroids fair game for commercial mining? Maybe. Maybe not.

Indie Book Review: “Passing in the Night” by Michael Kingswood

Keith West begins a series looking at "teaser" fiction from the indie publishing world.

NEWS: SpaceX Launch Today

SpaceX announces a televised launch for today at 5:06 est

We Went to the Moon Once

4:18 today, July 20th, 2013, will mark the 44th anniversary of Apollo 11's moon landing. Forty four years ago today I sat in front of...

The Apollo Program, A Personal Journal: Entry Corridor

Before I could develop a backup plan for the reentry of the Apollo Command Module, I had to get answers to two questions. 

Amazing News, Monday, March 25, 2013

Via Huffingtonpost - The Most Detailed Map of the Internet to Date Hacker's "broke in" to about half a million devices worldwide to create the...

Stranger Than Fiction: Space Miners Wanted

For my first post at Amazing Stories, I was looking forward to getting a chance to introduce myself and my background, to exploring some...