Walking unto Death

I’ve never read The Walking Dead but I love the TV show and watch it religiously every Monday morning. Series one enthralled me because of the likeable characters who unfailingly seemed to die just as I’d figured out their names. It seemed through the first two and a half seasons that anyone bar Rick was a potential walking corpse.

When Sophia, for example, stumbled out of that shed, I cried.

I knew enough about season three’s plot line to know it was going to kick massive arse. We got to meet the Govenator, we got to see Woodbury and meet Penny. Oh and Lori died. Wait WTF?! That wasn’t supposed to happen, not yet anyhow. With Lori gone, it was the show runners way of taking a gun loaded with a single bullet and playing Russian roulette; anyone could die, everyone could die. Suddenly there were no holes bared (except for Rick and his cheeky little hat wearing kid).

twdI know in the comics there’s a point where almost two-thirds of the cast is slaughtered. That point doesn’t come for a while yet but half the cast is already gone already, only to be replaced by new characters, many of whom don’t have a comic incarnation. I love the fact that no one is safe, that the TV series might follow the same path but being a cast member offers you no protection. The way things are going, I’m beginning to wonder if it wasn’t for Rick’s breakdown if he’d have been an honorary member of the zombie brigade already.

Heck he still might.

We know sometime soon, the cyclops Govenator and the residents of the prison are going to come to blows. Violent things are going to happen and not everyone is going to have a happy ending. If anything is in the case in this truly brutal post-apocalyptic zombie-infested world, then there are no happily ever afters, just death, carnage and a little chaos thrown in for good measure because no one has immunity, not anymore.

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