Top Ten Streamers From JustWatch

Streaming television this week is at 50% Genre Purity. Streaming Film does better, coming in at 60% Genre Purity.

Television fare has achieved parity, with fifty percent of the top shows falling under the general Genre or Genre-Adjacent label.  Not surprisingly, Ms. Marvel, which has been getting rave reviews since its debut, has occupied the number two slot.

In film, genre goodness is in the majority, topping out at 60%, if we include the Bond film as being genre-adjacent (and pretty much everyone these days does, especially since some are suggesting that he may be a clone, or a deliberate distraction to cover the activities of the real spies.  Regardless, there are few genre fans who don’t include the Bond franchise, so we will too.

Question:  with genre works dominating high profile media (film, television, streaming services) don’t you think that authors, who are usually the people who first came up with these crazy-fun ideas, ought to be getting better paychecks?  Shouldn’t they be ROUTINELY offered a percentage of the take (as the “originators”) and not routinely scared out of asking by statements like “we can always make this (film/tv show) without you, so take what we’re offering and stfu”?  We do.

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