Let’s Stage the Future Again!

Since the conference Stage the Future, there’s been a great burst of Science Fiction theatre to hit international radars. LA put on their SciFest to celebrate the form, including a version of Ray Bradbury’s Kaleidoscope and Ursula Le Guin’s  The Wife’s story, which was blogged about by Dr. Sarah Dillon on Scifi London’s blog (which […]

Why I write SF Theatre

There’s something beautiful about the live nature of theatre, that makes you feel that you’ve trespassed or that you’ve been invited

Science on Stage vs. Science Fiction Theatre

It’s no secret that popular science has exploded when we see the amount of paperbacks, TV series and documentaries on the subject, and theatre is no exception. Copenhagen is by far the most notable example, having found success in the Tony Awards for winning Best Play in 2000. Before and after then, Science plays have […]