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This week, Steve hypes his local convention and talks to best-selling ebook writer Ed Howdershelt, plus there's advice on writing and selling ebooks!

The Joys of Self-Publishing

Monster Hunting is Mordecai's business. Getting sales is John's.

Myths of Publishing: Anyone Can Self-publish, Part 4

Success requires hard work and dedication - even for indie authors

Myths of Publishing: Anyone Can Self-publish, Part 3

Being an indie author requires more skills than "author"

Myths of Publishing: Anyone Can Self-publish, Part 1

"Anyone can self-publish": Not true.

Indie Book Review: “Passing in the Night” by Michael Kingswood

Keith West begins a series looking at "teaser" fiction from the indie publishing world.

Biting Off More Than I Can Chew

Keith takes a break from reviewing and asks readers a question.

Kick-starter Continues to be Used as a Publishing Strategy

A review of some current crowdfunding publishing projects

Self Publishing: Evolution of a Book Jacket

An inside look at the process of developing a cover for a self-published book

AMAZING PEOPLE: Alastair Savage’s The Adventures of Siskin and Valderan Now...

Alastair Savage's Self-publishing odyssey comes to an end with the publication of The Adventures of Siskin and Valderan

On Books Being “Special”

Hachette. Amazon. One need say nothing more to gain the attention of writer's everywhere. Sullivan's take on author manipulation.

Self-Publishing Odyssey: Part 5 The Launch

Fraught with peril and nail-biting anticipation, launching a new book is always exciting.

Self-Publishing Odyssey: Part 4 Designing the Cover Image

Alastair Savage's Self-Publishing Odyssey moves on to stage 4: Designing the cover.

On Writers and Authors

Should there be a ban on calling indie writers authors? Michael J. is just a bit ticked off by the suggestion.

Interview With Gary Chalk, Fantasy Artist, Author and Games Designer

an interview with the unstoppable game designer, author and illustrator - Gary Chalk.

¿Qué se necesita para ser un editor?

What does an editor do and why is one important? David fills us in.

Surfing The Hybrid Wave of Publishing

Publishing is changing in big ways. Nina offers advice on how to hang ten while surfing that wave to success!

Self-Publishing Odyssey: Part 2 Agents and Editors

How do you get anyone to look at your book? When I was an in-house editor, I was very aware that it was difficult to get anyone to read a submission from a member of the public. The reality is that most editors are extremely busy and continually up against time pressure.

The Neo-Pulp Electronic Revolution

There’s been something going on in the publishing business the last several years, and it’s nothing less than what I’ve been calling a Neo-Pulp Electronic Revolution.

Self-publishing Odyssey: Part 1 The Decision

Alastair Savage joins Achilles, Agamemnon, Helen, Paris and Menelaus before the walls of Troy as he embarks on a self-publishing odyssey.

It’s Not About the Money…It’s About the Contract, Timing, and Price

Michael weights in on Brenna Aubrey's decision to turn down a six-figure advance.

Beating Today’s “S” Curve (or Why an Editor is Every Writer’s...

The publishing industry is currently experiencing its own version of the “S” curve and the “boom and bust” curve

Some Thoughts About Free Ebooks

Ever since Amazon announced it's Amazon Select program (December 2011) the plethora of free books has significantly decreased the effectiveness of this type of promotion.


Can indie authors - truly indie - be treated as artisans?

Dear Self-published authors, it’s your turn to listen up

Last week I did a post entitled: Dear Publishers, listen to authors and put reader’s first where I held traditional publisher's feet to the fire for...

Epic Fantasy Analysis September 27, 2013

Sorry, I ran this data a few days ago but didn't have time to finish the analysis.  Once again it's time to take a...

Interview with Archer Garrett

Cedar Sanderson interviews Archer Garrett, author of The Border Marches

Playing the Short Game: How to Sell Your Short Fiction (Part...

a discussion on another publishing option for your backlist of short fiction
Eric Gustafson Cover

Part Two of the Art of Covers

This is part two of Eric Gustafson's guest post for me on covers. It's a huge topic, and even if you aren't responsible for...

Planet Blüd

Just a few housekeeping items before I get into the subject of this month's post. I am happy to announce that my latest vampire...