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Photographic Covers versus Traditional Art – Part 1

Photographic covers are becoming more and more common on book covers, even in the science fiction and fantasy genres

Steve Fahnestalk’s VCON 39 Report. NOT R. Graeme Cameron’s VCON 39...

Steve's (NOT R. Graeme Cameron's) report on last weeks VCON 39/Canvention 34!

Beauty, the Eye of the Beholder and Miss Universe

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. That is to say that beauty is subjective and, despite the human condition that every one...

I Can’t Compete with CGI!

When I was in senior high school (thirty looong years ago) I had an appointment with a career counsellor. I had an aptitude for...

Self Publishing for Beginners

This week I became an author. After reading about Hugh Howey, I was inspired to collect the three installments of The Carrion Files into...

Painting With Pixels: Digital Artists

So, a couple weeks back I began talking about current fantasy artists. I want to continue with that theme this week, but I want...