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Top post del 2018

Tanya reviews us - Amazing Stories - from blog to magazine to future plans.

TIME MACHINE: Popular Posts

Trending this week, alternate Israels, a guest editorial on diversity, movie villains, new romantic releases, a review of Benford, more

TIME MACHINE: Popular Posts

Popular posts range the gamut from book reviews to Youtube Channels, horror giants, Canadian awards, civil war alternate history and more

MOVIE REVIEW: FRANKENSTEIN (1931), Just in time for Halloween!

For Halloween, Steve looks at one of the oldest, and perhaps the best-known "monster movie" of them all, James Whale's "Frankenstein," starring Boris Karloff.

The Art of Pellucidar

When it comes to Down Under, Australia's got nothing on Pellucidor

Vampirella: Character or Commodity?

Do we need an excuse to look at images of Vampirella?

The Amicus anthologies: from Dr Terror to Beyond the Grave

For around a decade, the only consistent rival to the supremacy of Hammer Films in the genre was Amicus, best-known for its seven ‘portmanteau’ stories of short horror stories

Things To Do In Portland When You’re Dead: October Horror Movie...

Portland is putting its horror on

Acting scary: The performers who made horror convincing again

Good horror needs convincing actors. Hammer Films delivered.

The Curse Of the Karnsteins: Hammer’s Other Vampire Franchise

Hammer Films had been the leading horror producer for 13 years, but by the dawn of the 70s, the studio sometimes gave the impression that it was flailing around like a vampire in a shaft of sunlight.

Hot Enough For You? Science fiction, the Weather And Anarchy In...

In the UK, hot weather is so remarkable that we have even been known to make science fiction films about it.

Amicus Productions

For the past few weeks, we've been looking at the current state of the horror industry. Let's now turn back the clock, to find...

Elementary, my dear Watson-bot 2.0!

Crime and punishment. Both words are synonymous with genre fiction. Whether it is the flashy superhero racing to stop the next crisis or the "I'm too...