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Review: The Dispatcher by John Scalzi

From audiobook to hardcover print, The Dispatcher is a quick, entertaining read by John Scalzi that will have you anxiously flipping the pages till the end.

Review – Agent to the Stars by John Scalzi

Gary Dalkin reviews the novel that gave the author of Old Man's War - John Scalzi - his start.

My top 10 SF and fantasy picks for the big-screen treatment

Science fiction and fantasy are taking over the realm of the Hollywood summer blockbuster, no question about it. Marvel Studios is gearing up to...
The Princess Bride: Is this a Kissing Book?

Crossroads: Is this a Kissing Book? SFF’s Relationship with Romance

Whenever I think of speculative fiction's relationship to romance, I am always reminded of that scene in The Princess Bride where Fred Savage's character...

Amazing News

The first installment of John Scalzi's serialized novel - The Human Division - goes on sale tomorrow.  The Human Division is being distributed by...