Camp NaNoWriMo: Doing the Prepwork

On Monday, the last Camp NaNoWriMo of 2013 begins. You’ll have thirty days … okay and maybe one extra … to write something awesome. I’m on holiday but wanted leave some words of wisdom for those planning on joining me on the summer’s biggest novel-writing adventure. It’s not about the words. Camp is a lot more chilled […]

Muse Ridden

As I write this, it’s bank holiday in the UK and Memorial Day in the US. The sun is out and – against all the odds – summer is actually here. So what’s a writer to do but write?    I’ve been working on a project since winning Camp NaNoWriMo the First in April, originally […]

Camp NaNoWriMo the First (2013): Lessons Learned

In just under thirty days I have written over sixty thousand words on two projects and started a third. This is a personal best for me but proves that if you put your mind to something anything is possible. I’m not saying it’s easy, much less something which can be left to the last minute […]

So How Do You Write a Novel in 30 Days?

National Novel Writing Month (more traditionally held in November and known as NaNoWriMo) starts early this year. The idea is simple: you write a 50k novel in thirty days. It sounds so easy doesn’t it? Just write 1667 words a day for thirty days. This year there are three NaNoWriMos, two ‘summer camps’ (held in […]