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New Releases in Science Fiction Romance Feature Favorite Tropes

SF Romance - kidnappings, cyborgs of the week, a "fantasy island" offering a "Galaxy Quest like" adventure for NASA geeks (omg, what's NOT to love?) and more in this bi-weekly roundup

New Releases in Science Fiction Romance for Fall

As the temperature drops, you need a good science fiction romance to heat things up. Here are some recent ones, and a collection of short stories that may not be exactly romance, but looks very interesting nonetheless.

New Science Fiction Romances Arrive

More new science fiction romances have hit the figurative ebook shelves, with everything from space pirates to a tale strongly reminiscent (to me) of...

Science Fiction Romance Readers Pick Memorable Books of 2016

I thought it would be fun to let science fiction romance readers ‘write’ this column for me, and pick some of their most memorable...

The Science Fiction Romance New Releases Never Stop

New releases in science fiction romance, and some good news about one of Veronica Scott's books.

October’s New Science Fiction Romances

Time to talk about a few of the many new releases in science fiction romance in the past month. Anna Hackett is off and running...

New Science Fiction Romances Keep Arriving!

There are a lot of crowd-pleasers in this week's overview of science fiction romance novels.

The Fallen Empire Series by Lindsay Buroker

Chickens in the cargo hold is a nice touch.

Brave New World of Publishing – ebook Effects On Genre Fiction

ebooks have enabled new opportunities for both traditional and self-published authors. Barriers to entry have been lowered, gatekeepers have expanded and both readers and writers are benefiting from this brave new world.