Noticias literatura y cine 24-7

Ya disponible el nº 6 del fanzine de la TerBi Ya está disponible el número 6 del fanzine de la TerBi. Es un especial, de 258 páginas, dedicado al III Certamen TerBi de Relato Temático, […]

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Crossroads: Tripping the Noir Fantastic

Last week, we talked about some of the tensions between science fiction and noir. Fantasy, which relies on metaphor even more than science fiction, has an even more challenging time of it. Its traditional themes […]

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Scale: Ideas vs Characters

Crossroads: A Genre Darkly

World-building, extrapolation, analogy, conceptual breakthrough, thought experiment – these are science fiction’s basic methods. Other genres might occasionally borrow them, but SF has sharpened them to a razor’s edge. So what happens when this set of tools works alongside the themes, styles, and plot structures of noir?

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