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Review: The Long Sunset by Jack McDevitt

The Long Sunset by Jack McDevitt continues the author’s long-standing prominence in influential works of science fiction.

…and it was all Yellow

Embrace the Yellow!

Not the Hugos: The Chesley Awards

The Hugos are not the only awards given out at Worldcon. Celebrate the winners of the Chesley Awards.

Pictures of the Moon

Visit the Moon, then go out and play in the sunshine

The Artful Collector: Highlights from LonCon3 – The Biggest SF Worldcon...

If you missed Loncon3, here's your chance to catch up!

The Artful Collector: Highlights from LonCon3 – The Biggest SF Worldcon...

A con report on the biggest Worldcon ever. So bit that Jane's report needs three parts. Here's part one.


We ALL love spaceships don't we? Even if they aren't real.

The Artful Collector: Moving into a New Era of SF/F Art

The Hugo awards for Professional Artist, from 1980 through 1992, were dominated by artist Michael Whelan (Jim Burns won once during those years, in...

The Artful Collector: The Best Fantasy Art Show in the World

IlluxCon is the best convention dedicated to sf/f Art in the world, today

That Sense of Wonder

One of the things that the best science fiction does is to evoke a sense of wonder in its readers. The best science fiction should open our eyes to possibilities and make us think about our place in the universe, in space or in time.

I Dreamed I Saw the Silver Spaceships

When people think about science fiction the first thing they usually visualize are spaceships (or green skinned women in shiny bikinis, but that may...