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Anime roundup 10/8/2020: On the Road Again

In this week's viewing: A whole cavalcade of new fall premiere! (Plus the answer to what Re:ZERO's plans are.)

Fall 2020 SF Anime Preview

It's officially fall when a whole new wave of anime arrives.

Animanga: Surprisingly Not A Man’s World

I am glad that I've never had to defend myself and what I love because of something so trivial as my gender expression. I can only hope that the entirety of fandom can grow to this point and further as dialogues surrounding hobbies and sexism continue to spring forth.

Nobody Goes It Alone: Best Friends Make Anime Better

This is the story of two little girls. They live down the street from each other, take the bus to school together, and are often mistaken for sisters.

The Future of Manga Looks Dire

I tend to avoid bookstores these days - not because I'm opposed to them in any way; quite to the contrary, I have a...