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Worldcon day 0 (bilingual post)

Worldcon report: Entry 0

Review: The Myriad Carnival ed. by Matthew Bright

Like a barker luring unsuspecting marks, The Myriad Carnival takes readers into the dark shadows behind the curtain, introducing them to the mystical world of the strange, the remarkable, and the macabre.

¿Son la Ciencia Ficción y la Fantasía Literatura de Diversión?

Tanya takes on mainstream criticism of genre fiction. Uses Bradbury as metaphor, something most mainstream "authors" probably wouldn't get...

“La Ficción Debe Ser Visceral, no Adorable y Lírica Todo el...

Tanya returns with the english language version of her interview with Hal Duncan, author of Vellum.

Interview with Scottish Author Hal Duncan

Author Hal Duncan (Vellum) has been adopted by Finnish Fandom. Find out why.