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We All Start From the Same Place

MIchael explains how marketing your book is like a Presidential hopeful going to the down dump to drum up support.

The Atomic Hugo Clock Approaches Midnight

Your Time Is Running Out!

MY YEAR IN REVIEW—Looking Backward and Forward!

Steve celebrates his first year of blogging for Amazing Stories online.

Oh How Life Has Changed: Observations On Traveling To Cons Cheaply

Commentary on Beverly Bambury's The Cheapskate’s Guide to SF/F cons

How Not to be an Elitist Snob, or: The Joy of...

The Joy of Pansfnalistic Theocrasy and Burroughs covers!

Pushing Fannish Buttons: Chi Fi vs The Westin River North...

Was the event cancelled because of problems with the hotel, or because Chi-Fi wasn't going to meet its contractual obligations with the hotel?

Chi-Fi Gets It Right

K. Ceres Wright highlights the recent announcement by the Chi-Fi convention that they are rescheduling their convention because the venue might not be welcoming to fans.

How Not To Be A Cosmic Clod or: The Cosmic Circle...

Claude Degler is to American fandom what Jack Bowie-Reid is to Canadian Fandom, a singularly powerful organizer and motivational leader, whose innovative practices continue to inspire us even now.

Fanzines—to LOC or not to LOC?

This essay on Letters of Comment is definitely not a WAHF

The Artful Collector: State of the Art at the 71st Worldcon

Fans, publishers, art directors, and collectors expected Worldcon art shows to display the best-of-the-best art being created in the field, and top artists looked forward to meeting their expections. NO MORE.

Weeaboos of the Renaissance

Weeaboos? Weeaboos? If you don't know what a weeaboo is, you probably aren't one. If you'd rather be quite sure, visit this link and play...

Get a Button, Badge or Banner From Amazing Stories – for...

At Long Last...Centuries in the Making!....Like Nothing Ever Seen Before!.....For the First Time Ever!....Is This the Beginning of the End?...or is it just THE...