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Review: Christmas Magic ed. by David G. Hartwell

T’is the season for holiday stories. In memory of popular editor David G. Hartwell, the yuletide Tor Books anthology Christmas Magic has just been re-released for all the good boys and girls of fandom.


An all-new follow-up to Steve's Ace Doubles columns. He's doubled up with laughter, because he's doubling his Ace writings!

ACE Doubles and Cover Illustrators Part One (Redux)

Continuing his retro-look at some older columns, Steve talks about Ace Doubles and their cover art. We're talking about The Good Old Stuff, in both writing and SF illustration. Get Some Now!

Ace Double Novels: Double your Pleasure, Double your fun!

The Ace Double novel was an example of an innovative format capturing the fancy of the reading public and effectively changing the landscape of the publishing industry.


Steve begins a series of columns examining Amazing Stories' first full year of publishing!

SOME OF THE BEST YA SF EVER: The “Winston Juveniles”—Part One

Back in the Good Old (or Bad, depends on your point of view) Days, fiction—especially SF—that was written for a teen audience was called...

ACE Doubles and Some Amazing Illustrators Part One

The art work gracing the covers of (most) Ace doubles was credited, another debt we owe Donald A. Wollheim.

SPACEMEN, Precursor to Starlog?

Steve takes us through the pages of Spacemen, Warren Publications second film-centered magazine helmed by the late, great, missed and lamented Forrest J. Ackerman.

A Fan’s Anniversary of Sorts

Some personal fannish history, a couple of takes on Amazing Stories from 1938, a recap of Modesty Blaise, a pic of John Travolta and a review of John M. Whalen's Vampire Siege at Rio Muerto. What's not to like?

The Club House October 25, 2013

According to both Sam Moskowitz and another fan historian, whom I did know, Jack Speer, the beginnings of fandom were consumed with feuds, bickering, hoaxes, all out wars, and lots of other fun stuff. And it was fun for most of those that participated.

On Second-Childhood Nostalgia, or: How To Avoid Being A Mature SF...

I love the old stuff. It’s been a real pleasure reading my way through the Ace Double. Each and every story positively reeks of the sense of wonder that made SF so attractive to me in the first place.

Sword & Planet

Discussions of what is and what is not Sword & Sorcery can be a thorny proposition. On the one hand S&S is largely no...