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Steve ceases reviewing this week to tell you of cheap and free SF/F ebooks, SF sites, semiprozines and all sorts of SF/F resources online. Check them all out!

A Brief Glance at the Growing SF Community in China

The unceasing efforts of all the people within the SF community have given the genre a positive outlook in China.

Review of Ether by Zhang Ran, translated by Carmen Yiling Yan...

Clarkesworld begins its Chinese SF in translation series. Here's a review.

The Ultimate Science Fiction Reading List Part 4

A few recommendations from some of the greatest minds in the industry of what you should be reading.

Escogiendo el nombre para una revista de ciencia ficción

How do you find a name for your magazine? Your blog? In our case it was easy, but you may not have history on your side...

Stumbling Into a Free-Fall

Free-Fall by Graham Templeton is a thought provoking story from the June 2013, Issue 18 of Clarkesworld Magazine with precise character utilization, and a pleasure to stumble upon.

Synthetic Voices #16 – March 2013 Top Picks

This was one of those wonderful, terrible months where there were simply too many good stories to choose from.  Buckle up! Discuss on: *Announcements* This month I...

The Hugo Triple Play

There are only three nominations for short stories on the Hugo ballot this year, Sure a larger selection would be better, but any one of these on the list is worthy of winning.