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Interview with Swiss artist/author Christian Kallias

Author, artist, techie - is there anything Christian Kallias can't do?

Computer Generated Images and the Eye of the Beholder Part 4

M. D. Jackson's final installment on the history of visual effects in cinema takes us from the CGI revolution of Jurassic Park to the present.

Review: Wolf’s Empire: Gladiator by Claudia Christian and Morgan Grant Buchanan

In a future galactic empire where Rome never fell, Wolf’s Empire: Gladiator by Claudia Christian and Morgan Grant Buchanan is a refreshing new saga where the past and future collide.

Medical Science Fiction: Tell Me Where it Hurts

Medical SF: an overlooked sub-genre

Review: Exultant, by Stephen Baxter

Exultant is The Dam Busters in space, or Star Wars stripped of its mythopoetic resonances and bolstered by hard physics.

My 5 Favorite SF/F TV Shows About Failure

Failure is part of the human condition....


Steve looks at Netflix's new SF offering by The Wachowskis and J. Michael Straczinski. The season starts slowly but begins to build quickly after episode 1.

Underwhelmed By Interstellar

don't much care about the superhero films. I don't expect much from them, and was only disappointed by The Dark Knight Rises in that it wasn't as good as The Dark Knight. But Interstellar is disappointing in a very different way.

Review: Paradox, edited by Ian Whates

Paradox, edited by Ian Whates and published by Newcon Press, is a collection of new stories exploring aspects of the Fermi Paradox. It features stories by Rachel Armstrong, Keith Brooke & Eric Brown, Pat Cadigan, David L. Clements, Paul Cornell, Paul di Filippo, Robert Reed, Mike Resnick & Robert T. Jeschoenek, Mercurio D Rivera, Adam Roberts, Stephanie Saulter, Tricia Sullivan, Adrian Tchaikovsky, Gerry Webb and George Zebrowski.

Interview with SFWA Grand Master Harlan Ellison®

An exclusive interview with one of the genre's greats, Harlan Ellison. Influential, ground-breaking, cantankerous, problematic, loyal-to-a-fault and a genius behind the typer, perhaps the most accurate thing one can say is that there is no other like him.

The Five Year Retrospective: Babylon 5, Season Two

When people talk about what they love about Babylon 5, season 2 is usually where that love comes from.

Mobile Suit Gundam: A Landmark In the Giant Robot Genre

When is a giant robot not a giant robot?

Noticias literatura 2-3

Novedades editoriales, certámenes literarios, webs del género y convención anual de la cf española.

The Top Ten Greatest Spaceships of All Time

A list of the top ten greatest spaceships of all time, following some rules, of course.

Review: The Space Opera Renaissance edited by Kathryn Cramer & David...

An updated review of a seminal and influential anthology - The Space Opera Renaissance

Saving Doctor Who – Episode 2: Arcs, Horror and Screwdrivers

Every generation of children has the right to be scared senseless and feel a powerful urge to watch from behind the sofa.

Enemy Mine – Blu-ray review

Enemy Mine is a science fiction film from 1985, now released in a limited edition Blu-ray by Twilight Time. The film is based on,...