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Down Under Video Reviews: “Red Billabong” and “Glitch”

Stand on your head! This week, Steve looks at two Australian video imports: one a film and one a TV series. Look for the series on Netflix soon!

Book Review: Hover Car Racer by Mathew Reilly

Greek myth and a quirky treatment of French characters informs this Formula 1 plus Hogworts novel.

Australian Science Fiction Romance Is Alive and Well

Veronica goes down under for the down low on Australian SFR

TWO MOVIES AND A BOOK: Reviews of The Good, The Bad...

This week Steve looks at two movies and an anthology. Great anthology, one lousy film and one... what?

Asni’s Art Blog: Fireworks

What better topic to choose for my New Year's Eve post, than Fireworks!

Crowd Funding Highlight: The Chosen Trilogy by Bret Kennedy

A DUK: Down Under Kickstarter campaign. Check out Bret Kennedy's project for the Chosen series.

The Australian Science Fiction and Fantasy scene

Before I start writing about my regular subjects (science, worldbuilding), I'd like to plug the Australian Science Fiction and Fantasy scene in case anyone is planning a trip

Friday Fanzine – SF Commentary

SF Commentary, an international award winning fanzine from Australia.

Fanzines—to LOC or not to LOC?

This essay on Letters of Comment is definitely not a WAHF

Urban Fantasy in Urban Ideal

I have recently read and reviewed several urban fantasy books, by virtue of having tripped into a bit of an urban fantasy phase. It...