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Shuttle Astronaut Mike Mullane on the Apollo 1 Fire

Astronaut Mike Mullane has some insights into the ramifications of the Apollo 1 fire. Also, Gus Grissom was buried at West Point and as a cadet Mike marched in his funeral.

The Apollo 1 Fire: “Tough and Competent”

NASA's "Failure Is Not An Option" culture was born three days after the Apollo 1 fire.

The Apollo 1 Fire: Failure Was An Option

"NASA believed that necessary and sufficient action had been taken to prevent a fire. Of course, all ignition sources had not been eliminated.”

The Apollo 1 Fire: “I’m burning up!”

“Hey!” and Ed White broadcast, "I've got a fire in the cockpit!" The Apollo outer hull ruptured and all three astronauts were dead.

The Apollo 1 Fire: Not The First Apollo Astronauts To Die...

Grissom, White and Chaffee weren't the first Apollo astronauts to die on the job. Four died in NASA training jet accidents. Why didn't they get more attention?

The Apollo 1 Fire: Astronauts Ed White and Roger Chaffee

Astronauts Ed White and Roger Chaffee were American heroes destined to go to the Moon. Unfortunately, neither of them made it.

The Apollo 1 Fire: Astronaut Gus Grissom

NASA’s “Failure is not an option” started after the Apollo 1 fire. Too late for Gus Grissom.