Algis Budrys

MOSCON 40 (Part 1)!

Forty years ago, Steve (with more than A Little Help From His Friends) created MosCon. And It Was Good. But like the Living Dead, MosCon Returned! Is it Still Good? Read and find out! (Hint: You betcha!)


For his final column of 2018, Steve dives into the Nov./Dec. issue of The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction, which everyone just calls “F&SF.” It tastes great and is more filling with fewer calories than competing magazines!

Frank Kelly Freas

Science fiction is a literature of ideas. It is also a literature that tries to show us the future, although it is not often directly predictive, it tries to look ahead to show us the future’s marvellous possibilities or to warn us of its potential dangers. It is a literature that engages the imagination like […]

A Review of Blood on my Jets

Blood on my Jets Algis Budrys Wonder eBooks $3.99 Kindle Nook One of the advantages of the ebook revolution is that the work of previous generations of science fiction writers can be brought back into print for new generations of readers. Wonder eBooks has a list of titles whose authors range from masters of the […]