Streaming’s Current Genre Status from JustWatch

Genre penetration of streaming films and tv shows continues to flirt with the 50% mark

A new week and a new take on the genre’s penetration of film and television streaming content.

First Up – Television Shows:

Genre penetration remains at a steady 40%.  We suppose that’s ok as Fans are not the majority demographic for television audiences.  Notable:  She-Hulk topping out Gaiman’s Sandman.  A show about an attorney who isn’t really an attorney beats out a show that’s about a god who isn’t really a god.  Hmmmm.  Could this suggest a turn towards greater reality in our genre shows?

Next up – featured films:

Hovering between 30 and 50% genre penetration, depending upon your definition(s) of genre: The Black Phone may or may not be “horror”. (And btw. For all of you history obsessed fans, did you know that there was a time when the only color for a phone WAS black?).
And of course there is always Elvis to ponder. MiB makes a strong case that he’s an alien, still alive and living in a Moon colony with JFK and Martin Luther King.)


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