Recursor TV Announces Broken Road Audio Drama

New Audio Drama: In a near and uncertain future, veteran Sergeant Emmett Lee wanders the countryside in search of replacements for his obsolete military-issue implants

DATE: 07/11/22
CONTACT: Jordan Stillman

New Dystopian Fiction Podcast From Fear the Walking Dead Writer: An agricultural sci-fi story about community and resilience in the face of corporate greed

(LOS ANGELES, CA) Created by FEAR THE WALKING DEAD writer Jacob Pinion and HERO MODE producer E.J. Kavounas comes Broken Road, a new dystopian science-fiction audio drama set in the near future following a veteran struggling with obsolete military implants who teams up with a defiant farmer and her daughter against a corrupt lawman. The 10-episode series launches on July 25, 2022.

Broken Road is a story of ingenuity in the face of corporate greed, exploring what it means to be human, the need for personal connection, and the strength of community in the face of insurmountable forces. Based on the short story “Patience Lake” by Matthew Claxton, Pinion and Kavounas were inspired by the subject.

“What attracted me to the source material was how much it reflected the world we live in today. In the tradition of High Noon and Shane, Broken Road shows we can succeed if we help each other even in a community gripped by distrust,” said Kavounas.

Meanwhile Pinion “was drawn to the stark juxtaposition of near-future sci-fi within a grounded, human story about survival and the refusal to let go of the American dream.”

Director Ron Newcomb mentioned the story’s personal significance: “As a veteran, I was drawn to this story which gives voice to the men and women who served our nation.”

SYNOPSIS: In a near and uncertain future, veteran Sergeant Emmett Lee wanders the countryside in search of replacements for his obsolete military-issue implants until he finds himself at the mercy of Rebecca Clark, a single mom struggling to keep her farm afloat with the help of her rebellious daughter Carly. All but the most stubborn townspeople have been driven out of business by agritech behemoth Chem-O-Grow and its ruthless enforcer Arlin Frey. Our reticent hero teams up with the Clarks to undertake a dangerous scheme to free the town from Chem-O-Grow and the cruel Frey once and for all.

Broken Road stars Manu Bennett (THE HOBBIT, ARROW, SPARTACUS) as the villainous Arlin Frey, Lana McKissack (FOUR ROOMS, DARK/WEB) as Rebecca Clark, Peter Shinkoda (FALLING SKIES, DAREDEVIL) as Emmett Lee, and Indiana Massara (CHICKEN GIRLS, HERO MODE) as Carly Clark.

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