R. Graeme Cameron

cameron r graemeI was born in Barrie, Ontario, in 1951. Lived in Ottawa as a child and Toronto as a teenager. Moved to Vancouver, B.C. in 1968 and have lived in the Vancouver Area Lower Mainland Region ever since. Important milestones in my life are:

First SF TV series watched: ‘Tom Corbett Space Cadet.’
First SF Books read: 8 volumes of ‘Tom Corbett Space Cadet.’
First SF Book purchased: ‘The Red Planet’ by Russ Winterbotham.
First SF Film viewed: ‘The Angry Red Planet.’
First SF Comic Book Purchased: ‘Magnus Robot Fighter.’
First SF Model built: ‘Flying Saucer’ by Lindberg Models.
First Satellite seen with me own eyeballs: Sputnik.
First Astronaut met: Gus Grissom.
First SF Author met: Ursula K. LeGuin.
First SF Convention: Triple Fan Fair, Toronto.
First SF Convention on ConCom: VCON 1.
First SF Convention Chaired: VCON 25.
First SF Convention Program Book edited: VCON 36.
First SF fanzine read: ‘Spockanalia’ issue #2.
First Fanzine edited: ‘BCSFAzine’ issue #193.
First SF Fanzine published: ‘Entropy Blues’ issue #1.
First SF Press established: ‘BCSFA Press.’
First SF Fan Fund won: ‘The Canadian Unity Fan Fund.’
First SF Award received: ‘Aurora.’
First SF Award I presented: ‘Elron.’
First SF Award Society I founded: ‘The Canadian Fanzine Fanac Awards Society.’
First SF project developed: The ‘Canadian Fancyclopedia.’
First SF Website established: ‘The Canadian SF Fanzine Archive.’
First SF Genre TV Star seen naked live on stage: Diana Rigg.

Let’s see, that about covers the essentials… No, wait a mo… forgot to mention I am the archivist for the following organizations:

– British Columbia Science Fiction association
– West Coast Science Fiction association
– Canadian Science Fiction and Fantasy association
– Canadian Fanzine Fanac Awards Society

Well, so much for my resume. Truth is, I’m not “all work and no play,” if only because I’ve always known that no sane person can survive life without hobbies. I’ve actually had quite a few hobbies over the years, such as: acquiring a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of British Columbia, driving a forklift, shipping goods, intimidating Citizens from behind the counter at Canada Customs, and all kinds other fun stuff. Since 2010 I’ve gotten dead serious and done nothing but work every waking hour, joining the ‘Amazing Stories’ Blogger Team being my latest job. Just a crazy workaholic I guess. Till the day I die.



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