NFTs hit Fandom, Traveller travels on, First Fandom Experience highlights 1946 fiction, Cadigan wins Scribe and Simon Pegg picks sides in the franchise culture wars

Will the Real Grand Master please standup?  Christopher Rowe confesses to picking a fight

Governing body of made up sport with made up name changes to a different made up name to avoid infringing on trademarks of made up stuff

Arc Manor dabbles in NFTs with Heinlein novel.

Simon Pegg picks side in Franchise Fan Wars

In other franchise news:  GoT Prequel

Steve announces Lynne Fahnestalk’s A Rivet of Robots Calendar!

Daniel says “Nope” to Nope

On the other hand, Peele has been called the Greatest Horror Director of all time (seeing as how “all time” hasn’t happened yet, this is a bit of a stretch)

Comic-Con Returns, Live!

Bridges dishes from the set of Iron Man

Pat  wins the Scribe Award

Suzanne reminds us that Traveller is 45 years old

Black Adam dissing Shazam and wows the crowd at Comic-Con

First Fandom Experience unveils 1946 fiction

Indie Authors are using AI tools

Wakanda Forever trailer



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