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It’s all part of the  show:  This interactive graphic displaying the relationship of SF novels to one another is making the rounds again.

1960’s SF, 3D Style.  Want a model of the Seaview?  How about Nova from Planet of the Apes?  Check out this library of 1960s SF-inspired 3D files.

Wally Funk Finally Gets To Space.  Ms. Funk, an accomplished pilot and one of the Mercury 13 test subjects finally gets to space aboard Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin rocket, making her the oldest person to go to space.

Neil deGrasse Tyson says Sir TRichard Branson, Jeff Bezos and others “didn’t go to space“, since they did not technically get to space.  NASA has issued new guidelines for qualifying for the title “Astronaut”.

The European Science Fiction Society announces 2021 Grand Master

A round-up of Trek comics includes our own A Doctor for the Enterprise by David Gerrold.  Copies if this signed and numbered limited edition comic are still available through our webstore.

The Black Science Fiction Society announces the release of Nubia and the Amazons by Vita Ayala and Stephanie Williams, from DC.

Like everything else, space is being Amazonified

One of the first astronauts is being exonerated by new video analysis:  Gus Grissom did NOT screw the pooch 

Vaughn Bode, the artist, was recently in the news, which prompted a visit to and their archive of fanzines, including Shangri laffaires and a mimeographed stenciled comic.

RAH fans chime in on astronaut status

The Winnipeg in 2023 crew will answer questions online late today

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