UFO 9 Kickstarter, Larry Niven & Known Space, David Gerrold’s new book on writing, predictive pulp fiction and a lot more!

UFO – Unidentified Flying Objects 9 – on Kickstarter – has 4 days to go and needs a little boost!  It would be very UNFUNNY if this regular source of science fiction humor didn’t meet its goal.  Help keep science fiction knee-slapping funny and give them some support!

Justice for Eddie Munson (why do I think the name was originally “Eddie Munster”?)

Voice Work with Mark Hamill – how do YOU say AT-AT?

How does your bookstore stack their books?

Mark “Mr. Sci Fi” Zicree is hosting a red carpet roll out for the premiere of Space Command

One of our favorite academics – Lisa Yaszek – reveals the Uncorrected Proof of Volume Two of The Future is Female

A Soviet era poster for Star Trek

Joseph Zitt brings out attention to this scientific paper written by an AI

Bog Eggleton shares some good advice

Cosmologists are beside themselves over JWST

The Boys latest season reflects reality

Paul Di Filippo reveals his latest collection

Emmy Nominations have some genre stuff in there

Be still my piggy heart:  pig organ transplants move closer

An American Tourist (not following instructions) falls into Vesuvius’ crater.  (We’re recommending that Italian authorities add some buffalo up on the crater rim for American tourists to annoy before taking the plunge)

This nuclear warning PSA had a lot of people upset, but not Boomers.

Steve Milick Everything we know so far about the Ringworld TV show (and, reading between the lines, why we’re not expecting much from it)

Randy Groz points out that Benu’s surface is like Niven’s Mars

Anime con and irresponsible management

Michael Michelau shows us the standard for cool

Boredom can be a powerful motivator:  Russian housewife fills Wiki with false information

JWST & Hubble Comparison 

RAH’s Citizen of the Galaxy inducted into Prometheus hall of fame (and if interstellar slavers ever become a thing, we’ll know how to deal with them)

An animated view of some small creatures

Jean Mari Stine shows us pulp fiction art that’s eerily predictive

Doug Sharp highlights a political cartoon about the Ukraine conflict

Pulsing, regular, radio signals detected from a galaxy far, far away

More Mark Hamill:  Something the JWST missed

Stranger Things character reveal (like we couldn’t read the Christmas lights)

David Gerrold unveils his latest – a book on writing

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