Of Special Note

OpenAi has shut down two AI candidates for Mayor.  McAuley’s The Robots of Gotham portrayed AI-based politicians and is not proving to be quite prescient


Al Sirois celebrated release day for his latest – Murder in Mennefer

Lynne Fahnestalk announces her appearance in the Nostalgia for the Future: The Optimism and Whimsy of Retrofuturist Art gallery show

Paul Di Filippo novel Vangie’s Ghosts has the number 1 spot on the Financial Time’s recommended summer reading list

Michael Swanwick’s The War With The Zylv has now gone on sale at Dragonstairs Press, with the first chapter available for a free read

Bob Eggleton shares a “remarque”

Erin Underwood is feeling a bit Star Warsy and so shared this performance

Scott Edelman, along with virtually every other fan, laments not being able to obtain Frank R. Paul’s original art from the 1939 Worldcon program book, which was recently sold at auction for a staggering $10,200!

Michael Walsh shares this article about book jackets – which the British Library has apparently been tossing for decades!


A Flyer for the first Worldcon was up for auction

The New Yorker reminds us that our author’s predictions about the future are not always…accurate….

Instructions for those contributing to WOOF, which will be collated in Glasgow, in the Fanzine Lounge, of course

The Kansas City SF&F Literati group announces their Zoom meeting to discuss Mur Lafferty’s Station Eternity   (Zoom link)


The 2024 Locus Awards have been announced


Communications with Voyager 1 have been re-established.  (I watched the launch…it was as exciting back in 1977 as it is to follow today!)

Boeing Starliner’s departure from the ISS delayed once again.  (Nope nope nope nope nope nope NOT getting into that thing again!)


Life imitates AI.  This image won an AI Award.  It’s NOT AI.

And, in another case of imposter syndrome, new research suggests that gravity can exists without mass, eliminating the need for Dark Matter to make the equations come out right Boy won’t that be fun for SF authors – Free Floating Gravity!

A newly discovered horned dinosaur makes a fashion statement

We may not be ready for a future where disaster piles upon disaster

Study proves that same-sex behavior among animals has been systematically underreported


Tattered Covers, a local bookstore chain (Denver) has been sold to Barnes & Noble for 1.83 million.


Gollancz picks up Nnedi Okorafor’s Death of the Author

Steve Vertlieb discusses Robert Bloch on the 30+ Minutes with HP Lovecraft podcast 

Jonathan Lethem talks PK Dick, and Palestine

Film & TV

This Inverse article points out that THEM! invaded America’s shores before Godzilla (see if you can find an uncredited Leonard Nimoy while watching) (You can watch it here)

A fan shares their build of a 65″ Star Trek Enterprise Bridge, featuring, among other action figures, Barbie and Ken 

There’s a sequel to Space Balls in the works


Brad W. Foster’s Dark Star posters

Brad W. Foster shares a couple of movie posters he designed for a college showing of Dark Star

Social Commentary

Journey Planet 84 has been released, the issue discussing needed changes for Worldcon, including business meeting proposals.

Louisiana mandates display of the Ten Commandments in every schoolroom. In one word – Outrageous!  In another – Disgusting!

Arizona is funding private religious schools with taxpayer dollars.  Equally outrageous and disgusting!

Just For Fun

Apparently, a “credential replicator” has been invented….


If things keep on progressing the way they have been, every bit of news reported here is going to end up under the Amazing People section!

In the Future


Free Story – The Crimson Ship

R. Graeme Cameron reviews On Spec magazine

Excerpt: The Babel Apocalypse: The Dark Court by Vyvyan Evans


Unexpected Questions with Sarah Beth Durst

Book View Cafe Readings: With Fate Conspire by Marie Brennan


What Happened to the PLANET of the APES Cartoon?

Matt’s Reviews: The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho


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