Noah Chinn Reviews: The Chronicles of Chaos

Any time an author reaches the end of a journey, it’s worth celebrating. So today I’d like to celebrate Glen Dahlgren. He’s been featured in KODT magazine in the past, reviewed by Barbara Blackburn (who occasionally writes Off The Shelf instead of me).

“What I love about Glen Dahlgren’s books is the compelling heart that is at the core of a genuinely fascinating world of fantasy, intrigue, and exploration.”

Barbara Blackburn, The Knights of the Dinner Table

Glen recently released the fourth and last installment of his The Chronicles of Chaos saga with The Realm of Gods.

While the series began publication back in 2020, Glen had been working on this world for a good twenty years before that. This is the culmination of a twenty-five-year journey for the author. He’s got a very busy number of months ahead of him as he tours and promotes it!

The first book in the series, the Child of Chaos, was described by Piers Anthony as “what fantasy fiction should be” and won the 2021 Readers’ Favorite Gold Medal Award for YA Epic Fantasy. That’s pretty dang sweet!

So what is this series about?

The ninety-nine gods of Order—Good, Evil, Law, War, and many more—grip the world like a vice. Priests of War, the gods’ iron fists, collect tithes from the common folk, auctioning off anyone who can’t pay to become property of the temples.

Against this suffocating oppression rise the Harbingers of Chaos, rebels desperate to unleash Chaos itself, imprisoned millennia ago. Their hope? A prophecy of the Child of Chaos, destined to crack open the vault and reshape the world. But the key, it’s said, lies within the very gods they defy.

The battle spills beyond the mortal realm, seeping into the Dreaming, where imagination bleeds into reality and gods clash in an eternal war. A handful of mortals, gifted with access to this perilous landscape, find themselves thrust into the heart of the conflict, their choices holding the fate of their world in the balance.

This is the Chronicles of Chaos. A war for freedom, fueled by prophecy and defiance, fought on battlefields both divine and mortal. Join these young heroes in an epic and unforgettable journey today.

In addition to winning the Readers’ Favorite Gold Medal Award, the series has also won the IAN Best Book of the Year award.

Right if you’re in the US or UK, the entire series is on sale on Amazon as a set, or you can check out the earlier books individually on sale! Have a Look!

Source: Noah Chinn Reviews: The Chronicles of Chaos

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