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There’s a new teen sci-fi show in town and it’s not half bad. Star-Crossed is the story of romance between a human girl and an alien boy. 10 years after the aliens land on earth the humans decide to try and integrate them with the humans by allowing nine teen aliens to attend a suburban high school.

Emery (played by Aimee Teegarden, Friday Night Lights) helps an innocent alien boy hide from the military when they open fire on the aliens when they land. After he is shot she assumes he is dead. Jump to 10 years later and she is about to go to high school after four years in recovery (not quite sure how this is relevant to the story). Her first day at school is also the first day of the aliens.

One of the aliens, Roman (played by Matt Lanter, 90210), is the son of the leader of the alien group. He also happens to be the grown up boy that she thought was killed. The have an instant connection, but after her father accidentally kills his father, it seems uncertain if the aliens and humans can ever be friends and the chance of them becoming close seems down-right impossible.

The show is two episodes in already and I’m enjoying it so far. It has the feel of a SyFy TV show with all the good qualities of a CW drama. I was a big fan of Aimee in Friday Night Lights but she looks unrecognisable with her new brunette hair. The only bag thing I would have to say about this show is that the only difference between the aliens and the humans are the markings on their faces. I thought they would at least act slightly different to the humans. But then I guess many of the young aliens have spent most of their lives on earth.

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